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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022

Download Adblock for Youtube 1.8. Blocks annoying ads on Youtube making it easier to load videos and watch them without interference.

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  • Adblock Plus blocks pop-ups, video ads, and other intrusive advertisements, while speeding up page-loading times, fighting against malicious malvertising, and helping you have the clean internet experience you deserve. How our ad blocker for Opera works After installing Adblock Plus, you can find it on your Opera web-browser bar.
  • Is the Opera GX browser any good? For the past month I’ve been testing it out. I’ll give you my review for this browser and do a brief tutorial going over it.

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Adblock Youtube Opera Gx

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Opera GX's adblocker is not working as it actually should, it doesn't block Youtube ads or Facebook ads. As we all know, Youtube ads are the most annoying since they at the start and end of almost every video. I noticed in the extentions that Opera GX's adblocker is the '64.0.3417.146' version, while the normal Opera adblocker is the '65.0.3467.62' version, making it the correct version to block any type of ad that could show up anywhere. The fact that Youtube ads show in GX and not in the normal Opera is because GX's version is not updated, and we can't manually update it either.
I think that the developers should update GX's version to Opera ASAP, and keep both browsers adblock updated at the same time and synchronized.