Backblaze Black Friday 2020

Posted : admin On 1/3/2022
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  • Backblaze used to be really simple. Backblaze meant one thing, simple, easy to use cloud backup. Then in September 2015 Backblaze launched B2 cloud storage and went from being synonymous with cloud backup to having a little bit of an identity problem.
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The Black Friday for the year 2020 had been a little different than the previous year before. We are all still living in the fear and uncertainty of the Covid-19. The work-from-home and remote working culture had been weighing in more than we all anticipated. Collaboration tools and productivity suite had become a need more than a desire.

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Backblaze Black Friday 2020 Sales

I have invested a lot of time building the media for my Plex server, let alone custom posters I made personally, metadata, custom collections, etc…

I host it on a NAS (WD My Cloud PR4100) 16 TB with raid, so available 8TB data storage. I currently have 7TB used for my Plex.

There are several online storage options out there today… cloud storage, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), RSS (Remote Storage System), etc… and I have searched the forums here but all discussions I have found here about current Online / VPN / RSS / Cloud Backup options are either unanswered or obsolete now in 2020 (soon to be 2021 with more changes to current options coming that will restrict options even further).

For example here were some good options in the past (with many of them offered as solutions in past threads in this forum) but now in 2020 (or 2021) have changed to the point they are not viable due to their policy or storage plan changes or price increases…

  • Goole Gsuite – I currently have been using Google GSuite with unlimited data, But they have officially announced within the last month or so that they are ending Gsuite unlimited storage for $12 a month and replacing it with multi-tiered new plans under the new renamed “Workspace” branding and that all Gsuite customers are going to be forced into (Link HERE). The problem is that to retain the unlimited data it will now cost $30 a month ($360 a year) . All other plans have caps like 2TB or 5TB. This is why I am trying to find another option as soon as possible.

  • CrashPlan – CrashPlan, even though it has had it’s challenges, it was a historical popular cloud storage option because it offers unlimited storage for only $10 a month (link HERE). The challenge with them is that within the last year they started blocking Plex Server in their backups (./Plex Media Server/.). You can see the full list of all the directories they are now blocking from backing up in the link HERE.
    This has been brought up in threads in the past and Plex said they were going to reach out to CrashPlan to see if they can work with them to limit their restrictions with backing up Plex servers, but Plex never followed up. (CrashPlan Small Business BLOCKS Plex backups!)

  • Amazon – As shared in this thread, Amazon used to also offer unlimited storage, but has since stopped offering that. Now, as far as I can tell, it would be very expensive to use. (Backup all movies to amazon cloud)

  • iDrive – Is a good highly rated option (and I have used them in the past). They have historically only offered a max of 5TB, so when I saw they are currently offering a 10TB option for $8.33 a month or $100 yearly after the promotional first year (link HERE) I was ready to jump on the offer…until I read the small very fine print at the bottom that said “the normal storage of 5TB Personal Plan is set at 10TB for a limited time.” I have emailed iDrive asking if I sign up and upload 8TB now will I be forced to delete 3TB from my backup in the future if it is reduced it back down to only a 5TB plan again? I will post their reply when I get it.

  • OneDrive / DropBox / Box / Sync / etc… – They may vary slightly but they are all basically the same pricing…as many of these have veered away from personal plan options and focused on business options. They say unlimited storage for only $15 a month. Sounds great until you read the fine print that says minimum of 3 users (so now it jumps to $45 a month / $450 a year). Or they say you have 10TB or 15TB which sounds great until you read the fine print and it says again minimum of 2-3 users with a storage cap of 2TB to 5TB per user.

Backblaze black friday 2020 salesBackblaze

There are several more examples of opportunities for more than 10 TB cloud storage options in the past that are no longer viable or have doubled / tripled in price making them unattractive now. This is a strange turn of events when looking at the history of technologies advances… they are usually limited and expensive when they start but become cheaper with wider options as they mature. It is just the opposite with online storage. It was cheaper with more options in the past and more expensive with less options and more restrictions as the years roll on.

So after all that…here is the question…

Backblaze Black Friday 2020 Ads

What options are available now in 2020 and the upcoming year of 2021 that meet the following criteria that historically has not been a problem when looking for online storage that meet these basic criteria:

Backblaze Black Friday 2020

  1. Is AFFORDABLE (like $8 to $15 a month or $80 to $100 a year)
  2. Have at least 10TB to Unlimited storage that
  3. Does NOT restrict backing up a Plex server
  4. Does NOT require a minimum number of users
  5. Does NOT restrict each user to only 1TB to 5TB storage in spite of the plan offering 15TB or more for the plan