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Select Backblaze B2 in STORAGE TYPE and then click CONNECT. Type in Backblaze B2 Account ID and Application Key. To find Account ID and Application Key, click 'Show Account ID and Application Key' link of My Account menu of Backblaze B2 site (after login). OPTIONS 'Enable delete folder' and bandwidth setting option is supported. Backblaze B2 is enterprise-grade, S3 compatible storage that companies around the world use to store and serve data while improving their cloud OpEx vs. Amazon S3 and others. Developers use it to easily build apps and manage services. IT leaders use it to backup.

Plex + Backblaze b2 storage. Posted by 5 years ago. Plex + Backblaze b2 storage. So I'm looking for a 'cloud' solution. I've been researching the amazon cloud drive solution, however, upload speed is AWFUL. I'm trying out b2 storage now and uploads are roughly 1.5MB/s which I don't mind that speed. Backblaze will FedEx you a Snapshot of your data, return the drive for a refund. USB Flash Drive - up to 256 GB - $99. USB Hard Drive – up to 8TB of data - $189.

Hi, I am about halfway through the process of digitising my media and I need to check I’m not making a mistake. I have just bought a 6TB Seagate external hard drive which I was planning to put all my media on to and then use this for my Plex. My plan was to have this permanently plugged into the back of a smart TV, which is connected to my hub and therefore other devices, but before I finish adding all my files I need to know If Plex will allow me to access the hard drive without it being connected to my laptop?

Any support would be most welcome. I am very new to this and want to get it right.

FoundedApril 20, 2007; 13 years ago
  • Gleb Budman
  • Billy Ng
  • Nilay Patel
  • Brian Wilson
  • Casey Jones
  • Tim Nufire
  • Damon Uyeda
United States
  • Gleb Budman (CEO)
  • Brian Wilson (CTO)
  • Frank P. Patchel (CFO)

Backblaze, Inc. is a cloud storage and data backup company, founded in 2007 by Gleb Budman, Billy Ng, Nilay Patel, Brian Wilson, Tim Nufire, Damon Uyeda, and Casey Jones.[1] Its two main products are their B2 Cloud Storage and Computer Backup services, targeted at both business and personal markets.


Plex Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup[edit]

Backblaze's first product was its computer backup, offering users to back up their computer data continuously and automatically with a monthly subscription service. The service makes use of AES encryption for security, and uses data compression and bandwidth optimization to reduce upload and download times. Files that need to be restored can be delivered in the form of a digital download,[2] on an external hard drive or flash drive.[3] File versioning and history is available, however there is a cap to 30 days or an additional cost per month.

Backblaze B2 Storage[edit]

In September 2015, Backblaze launched a new product, B2 Cloud Storage. Being an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), it is targeted at software integration for different kinds of businesses. It directly competes with similar services, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.[4] In April 2018, Backblaze announced cloud computing partnerships[5] that directly connect Backblaze's data centers with its partners, Packet and ServerCentral.


Backblaze Plex

Data centers[edit]

Backblaze has four data centers; three are in the United States and one is in Europe. Two U.S. data centers are in Northern California near Sacramento, and one is in Phoenix, Arizona. Backblaze's data center in the European Union is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.[6]


In order to increase redundancy, data uploaded onto Backblaze's data center is sharded into 17 data pieces and three parity shards for each file. Parity shard bits are computed by the Reed–Solomon error correction algorithm. The shards are stored in 20 different drives, each in a separate cabinet to increase resilience to a power loss to an entire cabinet, or other physically-based issue. Backblaze states that its 'Vault' architecture is designed with 99.999999999% annual durability.[7]

Plex And Backblaze



Backblaze Plex

For Computer Backup, Backblaze uses a combination of AES and SSL encryption to protect user data. Data is stored in Backblaze storage using Reed-Solomon erasure coding[citation needed] and encrypted with the user's private key, which is secured with the user's password and username. The default encryption of private keys is done server side, which is unlikely to protect against government subpoena or serious data breach. Users desiring additional security and privacy can use the optional private encryption key (PEK),[8] but the PEK passphrase is sent to the server when it is initially set, and must be sent again to restore any data.[9]

Encryption for their B2 storage is handled entirely by the user and client software to manage the stored data, making it immune to government subpoena or data breach and protecting the data during transfer and ultimate storage in Backblaze's data centers.

Storage Pod open design[edit]

A server case using the open design of the Storage Pod.

In 2009 and 2011, the company released CAD drawings of the computer case used by the storage servers in its datacenters. With commercial off-the-shelf components such as x64 processors, disks, and motherboards, high-density storage servers can be built at a lower cost than commercial ones.[10] The company has since made six iterations of the design over the years.


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