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Posted : admin On 1/2/2022
Well, at least for me IT IS the best Audio Player, easily.
Honestly, I don't really care for 'online features' such as radio (for name something), as it has been long since the last time that I used any of that on WinAmp. For that Spotify works just fine.
What I most love of WA is how easily is to organize the local files. Actually, the feature that is most important to me, besides the Bento layout, is the 'Smart Views'. They're easy to configure, and to manage, not mention that I can manage my collection smoothly, and effective.
And, being honest, even that I've searching (and testing) for another Audio Player that can bring me the same (or the closest) experience that is navigating, managing, and playing my collection, none has come close to what WA offers. Well, perhaps MediaMonkey almost make it, but the layout, the UI... It had something that doesn't fit at all.
Certainly I'll be glad to see a new version of WA, hoping that, when it comes, it won't be a stripped down version of the awesome piece of software that it already is (as it has happened with other applications). In the meanwhile, it'll be the #1 choice of audio player.
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A leaked version of Winamp 5.8 recently spread over the Internet. Consequently, we have decided to make this new version available to you, revised by us. We therefore recommend that you download this version rather than any other as we guarantee it is safe for you to use. What was the last GOOD version of Winamp? And for playing video files, MPC (media player classic) for me, is the best. I don't like VLC a lot, because i cannot. I try and use the visualizations in the most recent version of winamp and it bogs vista down like crazy. The song I downloaded actually works with the newest winamp version though. It's just in regular mp3 format but it doesn't make any sound in winamp v. 5.24 and the bit rate jumps around. So what version is the best besides 5.52? What is the best version of Winamp to stick with??? I notice a lot of folks love the 2.x versions and some others go for 5.x. I dont really have an interest in the video capabilities I just want to use this for my audio files and radio.