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Posted : admin On 1/2/2022

Sometimes Capture One (I use version 10.0.2) is glacially slow to close, even when the currently open session or catalogue is fairly small. Dialog stays on-screen for a long time - in my case, from 20 to 60 seconds, though one photographer I know reported that he once had to wait about 20 minutes! The main advantage of using Capture One Free Trial is, certainly, getting a full version of a program, with all its functions and capabilities for a 30-day period absolutely free. Besides, this is the best way to understand, should you download the latest version of the program or not.

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  • As Topaz Sharpen AI comes not only as standalone software, it can be used as a plugin for Topaz Studio, ON1 Photo RAW, Affinity Photo, Capture One, Lightroom, Luminar, as well as Photoshop. Thanks to it, it is compatible with most of the editing tools you might ever need for your work.
  • Capture One 20 really slow when using sliders Hey Everyone, I have been having this issue for months, and Capture One Support has been less than helpful or responsive (I’ve had a support ticket open for over a month, with responses about a week apart), so I wanted to crowd source here and see if there’s something simple I’m missing.
  • On the left is the Capture One Pro preview at default zoom, and on the right is the file exported as an uncompressed 16 bit tiff. Note the difference in the colors. The preview has more saturated oranges and blues in the streaks, the export looks a little more washed out.
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Does anyone else have problems with Capture One Pro 9 having slow rendering times with the latest update from Capture One Pro? It is rendering significantly slower than XT1 on C1P8. I know the files are bigger etc but in Lightroom the X Pro 2 files are rendering better and faster than the old XT1 files.
I am now using Lightroom instead but if there is an option in C1P9 to speed up let me know. I have tried usual stuff e.g. Graphics card settings and rendering size. I am basing this on a lot of files (pro) eg weddings so asking a lot from the software but Adobe seem to manage OK with the X Pro 2 files.