Cisco Webex Audio Test

Posted : admin On 1/2/2022

Joining a test call on Cisco Webex has to be the simplest way to determine whether there’s a problem with your microphone or camera. Go to to join a test call. Enter your name and email address and click on the ‘Join’ button. It will ask you to open the Cisco Webex Meeting app on your desktop. We have over 2,000 staff using Webex to teach classes and in the last couple of days we've noticed a significant increase in complaints about their audio and video quality. Most of them just upgraded to and are now having issues with increased CPU usage during meetings as well as memory. To get started with a new meeting, see our instructions here: Set up or join a meeting in Cisco WebEx Meetings. If you have no access to audio devices like a microphone on your computer, Cisco WebEx Meetings through NSU can allow you to dial into a meeting by phone while using your computer to see video and text.


Connect to Audio

Test Webex Audio And Video

When you start or join a meeting, the Audio and Video Connection dialog opens so that you can choose how to connect your audio and video.


How To Test Webex Audio

Step 1

From the Select Audio Connection drop-down list, select your audio connection.


If you select Call Using Computer, select the Use System Setting option to use your computer speakers and microphone.

Step 2

Select Connect Audio or Connect Audio and Video.


Webex saves your audio and video selections for your next meeting on the same site.