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Clippy is fully customizable and you can add the sentences you want just editing a.txt file in the root folder of Clippy. You will enjoy a lot using this tool and, of course, when sending it to your friends. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Clipboard extension app for macOS. Clipy Project has 8 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

主にAdobeのソフト操作を紹介しています。DTPやWebの業務で役にたったことやツールのポイントなど参考になればと思います。 主観的なものもありますのでご了承ください!

  • Clipy: The Best Free Clipboard App

Clipy: The Best Free Clipboard App


When you copy and paste text, you can usually only paste the text you copied just before.
So when you want to paste text you copied a few times before, you have to find and copy that again. Have you ever had this bothering experience?
However, if you use this software “Clipy“, you can save multiple histories of your copies and choose from them to paste.

There are many other useful features in “Clipy“, but in this article, I’ll show you the basics of how to use it.

Download “Clipy”

You can download it from here.
Click the “Download” button on this link.

How to use “Clipy”

This is an example of how to use it. Below is a sample text.
Copy (command + C) the sentences in the red frame four times in the order.

(Japanese sentences)

Place the cursor on the area you want to paste and press “command + shift + V”. The screen below will come up, and then you can choose your favorite sentence from the four copies and click it!

Where you want to paste, press “command + shift + V“.

That’s it for basic use!
Next, let’s set up the preferences to make it easier to use.

Preferences for “Clipy”

Let’s set up the preferences to make it easier to use.
Choose Preferences from the top-right toolbar or press “command + shift + V”.

Recommended settings


Clipy App Mac

In the “General” tab, you can set these things.
1. Launch on Login
2. Max clipboard history size
3. Sort history order “last used” or “date created”.

For more information

How was it?
This time I introduced the basic usage, but you can also use it in many other useful ways and detailed settings.
For example, you can also enter a sentence registered in a snippet.
For more information on how to use it, please search for it!

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