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Introduction to Apache Hive

The Kerberos realm on your environment is the same as the realm specified in the kdc.conf file from the Hive server. Check the Kerberos configuration (that is, krb5.conf) and validity of the principal and keytab pair using MIT Kerberos client: kinit -V -k -t.keytab KERBEROS.REALM. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Movies Still Matter, and so does the Academy Awards; 2021 Oscars Guide: Everything you need to know.

Apache Hive is a Hadoop component which is typically deployed by the analysts. It is a data warehouse system in an open Hadoop platform that is used for data analysis, summarization, and querying of the large data systems. It is also useful in the smooth execution and processing of a large volume of data as it converts SQL-like queries into MapReduce jobs. MapReduce scripts are also supported by the Hive that can be plugged into Queries. Hive also helps in increasing the schema design flexibility and also data serialization and deserialization. The friendlier nature of the Hive makes this component more familiar to the users who are using SQL for querying of the data. Thus we can say that the Apache Hive provides the Database query of the Hadoop. But a significant drawback of this tool is we can use it for online transaction processing it is best suitable for Data Warehouse tasks. Read more about Apache Solr Architecture here.

Apache Hive Architecture


This shows us the Apache Hive structure in detail format along with all its components and working and tuning of all the above parts among themselves.

  • Complete Guide to Apache Hive, data warehouse Architecture and Components, Setting up Hive Connection with Kerberos authentication.
  • DBeaver EE 5.0 March 12 2018. DBeaver EE 5.0 is the first major Enterprise version release. Tons of bugfixes and improvements oriented on enterprise customers were made. A few extra enterprise databases were added in the list. New features Mockdata generator (EE version bundled with advanced generators).

The Apache Hive mainly consists of three components –

  • Hive Clients
  • Hive Services
  • Hive storage and computing

Hive Client

In Hive Client, we are getting different drivers for different applications. As we see in case of Thrift based applications, we are provided with Thrift client for the communications. For Java related applications it provides JDBC drivers. In case of any other requests, we are getting ODBC drivers. Apache Hive also supports all applications that are written in C++, Java, Python, etc. So this is the best choice for the clients that can write code in their preferred language.

Hive Services

Hive services help in performing interactions of the client with the Hive. Such in case the client wants to perform any query related operation, so he has to communicate through the hive services. DRIVER present in the up diagram communicates with all type of specific clients applications. The driver will process those requests from different applications to meta store and field systems for further processing. This provides services like the web interface, CLI, etc. for the query performing.

Apache Hive storage and computing

  • Metadata information of tables created in Hive is stored in Hive “Meta storage database.”
  • Query results and data loaded in the tables are going to be stored in Hadoop cluster on HDFS.
  • Hadoop MapReduce framework is used internally by the Hive for the execution of the queries.
  • The Apache Hive uses underlying HDFS for the Distributed Storage.

Securing Apache Hive with Kerberos

Install the KDC server

Now open KDC server configuration file as

Set KDC and admin_server properties with FQDN of KDC server host as in this example

Now create the Kerberos Database by the following utility

Now start the KDC server and KDC admin.

Create a Kerberos Admin

Create admin principal as –

Admin principal must have permissions in KDC Acl


Be sure there is an entry for the realm you are using like for an admin/[email protected] principal, and you should have an entry –

Restart Kadmin server after saving kadm5.acl file

A Comprehensive Approach

Apache Hive provides a platform for summarizing, analyzing and querying large amounts of data.To understand more about Data Warehouses and Data Analysis we recommend taking the following steps –

  • Read more about Building Query
  • Learn more about XenonStack “ or ” ” about Data Warehousing Modernization Strategy.

Details Group Tabs


DBeaver Enterprise Edition.

Includes all features of DBeaver Community plus:
- NoSQL/BigData databases:

  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDB
  • DocumentDB
  • Keyspaces
  • Bigtable
  • Cassandra
  • Couchbase
  • CouchDB
  • Redis
  • InfluxDB
Dbeaver Hive Kerberos

Dbeaver Hive Kerberos

- Enterprise extensions for:

  • Netezza
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Informix
  • Hive
  • Redshift

- Advanced features for SQL Server, Oracle, Natezza and PostgreSQL
- Advanced extensions (office integration, SVG export, SSHJ)
- Visual Query Builder
- Visual SQL execution plan analysis
- Database schema compare / migrate tool
- Data compare tool
- Mock data generator
- Advanced tasks management
- Task scheduler
- Advanced dashboards
- Persistent SQL history management
- Kerberos and Active Directory authentication (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Presto)
- Proxy configuration/auto-detection
- Secured passwords storage
- Git integration
- 3rd-party JDBC drivers
- Online customer support

Standalone version available on https://dbeaver.com/download

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  • Database Development,
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  • exasol,
  • Redis,
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Dbeaver Kerberos Hive Windows


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