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Free music and more.

Deezer in FREE mode: - Listen to FLOW and discover new favourites - Enjoy thousands of RADIO CHANNELS without limits - Check out PLAYLIST RADIOS based on your taste - Search for an artist and play their radio channel - Create as many playlists as you like - New! Get the lyrics to your favorite songs. The latest music streaming provider to gain Alexa support is Deezer, which at long last is fully integrated with the Amazon smart assistant. Deezer on Amazon Alexa Want to control your music with your voice? 'Alexa, play some music on Deezer.' From family dance parties to baking binges and middle-of-the-night wind-downs, you just have to say the word to listen to exactly what you need to hear. Setting up is easy.

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Free music streaming Millions of tracks and more Recommendations for you Favourites in one tap Create your playlists Smart features

Why choose Deezer Free?

Free music streaming

Listen to music for free and enjoy other audio content anytime, anywhere.

Millions of tracks and more

Discover millions of tracks and podcasts, plus extra content exclusive to Deezer.

Recommendations for you

Enjoy your own set of smart playlists with recommendations made just for you.

Favourites in one tap

Pick and play the tracks you want from your favourite artists in select playlists.

Create your playlists

Add music and podcasts to your favourites and create your own playlists.

Tailor-made features

Switch between your phone, tablet, desktop and other supported devices.

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1 app. Millions of tracks.

Uncover all the songs you love and discover tracks you never knew you needed — what more could you want from a free music streaming app?

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Get your own smart playlists.

Your smart playlists on the Music tab will serve up recommended tracks based on your music taste.

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monday discovery

A mix of tracks you never knew you needed

friday releases

A mix of fresh tracks from artists you love

Discover music similar to the artists you've been listening to lately.

Stay informed and entertained.

Enjoy a curated selection of podcasts, live radio and more. Browse by topic or what's trending, and find recommendations made for you.

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Das kleine Fernsehballett


Catch songs in the wild.

Want to identify a song playing around you? Tap SongCatcher and let it work its magic.

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Nail the chorus to any song with Lyrics. Belt out the words with friends, and share your favourite verses.

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Amazon Alexa



Is Deezer Free really free?

Yes, it's 100% free. Deezer Free is powered by advertisements to support all the music and content producers you love. As this is our most basic plan, some features are restricted.

What features are available on Deezer Free?

You can discover millions of tracks in shuffle mode, and create your own collection. You can enjoy personal mixes like Flow, and launch mixes inspired by a track or artist. You also get built-in mobile features like SongCatcher and Lyrics.

Is Deezer Free compatible with all supported devices?


Deezer Free is supported on desktop and most mobile and tablet devices. It's also possible to stream and cast from select home and speaker devices. You can find all devices here.

What's the difference between Deezer Free and Deezer Premium?

With both plans, you can discover millions of tracks in our catalogue, but Deezer Free provides shuffle-based streaming with occasional ads. If you'd like ad-free music, offline listening, and extra features, you can upgrade to Deezer Premium.

Deezer Makes Voice Activated Music Available to Free Users with Amazon Alexa

Posted by May 9, 2019 Deezer, Global, Partnerships, UK, US

May9th, 2019:Listening to music using voice control has never beenmore accessible for Deezer users. For the first time ever, global musicstreaming service Deezeris giving free users instant access to control their music through voice onAmazon Alexa.

Startingtoday, free users on Deezer will be able to enjoy music* from requestedartists, genres and editorial playlists. Users can set Deezer as theirpreferred music streaming service in the Alexa app setting and give commandssuch as “Alexa, play music on Deezer” or “Alexa, play my Flow,” which is aunique personal soundtrack that uses Deezer smart data and editorialrecommendations to play songs that users love as well as help users discovernew ones.

VoiceControl for Deezer Free Users with Amazon Alexa includes:

  • Primary Music Account: instantly access mixes and playlists from adiverse catalog of 53 million tracks
  • Flow: with three easy words “Alexa, play Flow,” Alexa will immediatelyplay a continuous soundtrack that’s personalized to your exact tastes throughDeezer smart data and editorial recommendations
  • Ask Alexa: to play artists and genre mixes, editorial playlists, as well ascontrol volume, pause and skip (limit sixsongs per hour)
  • Music for your mood: recognizes over 18 different moods among 74different genres e.g. “Alexa, play Jazz”
  • Like or Dislike: help tailor your Flow by telling Alexa “Ilike this song” or “Alexa, I don’t like this” if you’re notfeeling a certain vibe

Alexafans who want more Deezer voice control options can also subscribe as a DeezerPremium user to access added benefits such as: ad-free listening, searchspecific songs, skip unlimited number of tracks, album listening withoutshuffle mode, and higher audio quality.

LaurenceMiall – d’Août, Chief Commercial Officer at Deezer commented: “We are excitedto offer our first free personalized music experience for Alexa customers. Thefree service is an easy and convenient way to start listening to music with anyAlexa-enabled device right out of the box, making Deezer an even moreattractive music choice. This also means that for the first time millions ofexisting Deezer users with free accounts will be able to enjoy music onAlexa-enabled devices.”

Deezerannounced its worldwide** accessibility for paying subscribers throughAlexa-enabled devices such as Sonos One, Ultimate Ears BLAST and MEGABLAST,among others in 2018.

There willbe more Deezer features for Amazon Alexa available in the coming months.


*Deezer freeon Alexa includes adverts.

**Deezerfree on Amazon Alexa is supported on Alexa-enabled devices and willprogressively roll out to Alexa-enabled devices where Deezer is available overthe next 2 weeks, excluding the US & Japan at this time.

About Deezer

Deezerconnects 14 million monthly active users around the world to 53 million tracks.Available in over 180 countries worldwide, Deezer gives instant access to oneof the largest and most diverse global music streaming catalog on any device.Deezer is the only music streaming service with Flow, the unique mix of allyour old favorites and new recommendations in one ever-changing stream. Basedon an intuitive, proprietary algorithm and created by people who love music,it’s the only place to hear all your music back-to-back with fresh discoveriestailored to you. Deezer is available on your favorite device, includingsmartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, home sound system, connected car or smart TV.

Makingmusic happen since 2007, Deezer is a privately held company, headquartered inParis with offices in São Paulo, Berlin, London, Miami, Dubai and around theworld. Deezer is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, Android andWindows devices or on the web at For the latest news on Deezer goto

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