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Every profile has a User ID attached to it. It's a 10 digit number assigned to your account. When you get in touch with Deezer Support or if you forget your Deezer login details, we can find your account with your User ID, so please make a note of it and keep it handy.

Deezer Artists TOP songs method, same token, different answers. Deezer api - get more than 400 songs from a playlist? Getting most listened to tracks by country. Deezer revealed the top streamed artists in Africa in celebration of Africa Day coming up on 25 May. Though music fans in Africa love global icons such as Eminem, Drake, Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish, but it is Algerian singer, dancer and rapper Soolking who takes the crown as the most-streamed artist while local African artists such as. Artist Push, as a promo service, works closely with Deezer to create the best possible strategies for any step you take in the music career. Signing up for our promo packages, specially developed for the curated playlist, artists can choose the number of songs they want to promote and the amount of playlist for placement of their creation. Using data analysis and metadata curation, Deezer Backstage assists in optimizing your content to boost your stream count. Give your audience exactly what they’re looking for, every time. Curate your artist profiles. We even offer a complete space for you to update all your latest artist credentials.

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How to customise your Deezer artist page and view performance analytics.

Deezer has unveiled its own new artist platform called Deezer Backstage, and it’s a must for any artist looking to grow their audience. With Deezer’s 14 million users across 180 countries, Deezer Backstage is worth investing a few minutes in if you’re an artist. If you’re wondering what it is, how to use it, and if it’s worthwhile, we’ve got the answers for you - so let’s get

Access and update your Deezer Backstage profile

You can take control of your Deezer artist page, customise it, view performance insights and more. Deezer Backstage gives you the option to update your biography, social media links, touring info, your playlists, and of course, your image. You can also check your stats on streams, how many people are listening, and what playlists your music is on.
To get started, you’ll need to request access to Deezer Backstage after you get your music on Deezer through a distributor like MusicDigi. It will take you to the form, where you’ll answer a few questions to set up your account.
You’ll then need to enter the following information:
→ Your artist name
→ Your email address
→ One of your UPC codes (You get these each time you distribute a release)
→ Your label if you have one
→ Your distributor’s name
→ Your distributor email

Artist pages

Here are the requirements for updating your Deezer artist profile page:
1 squared artist profile image 500x500 in jpeg or png
1 banner image 1800x230 in jpeg or png.
Artist biography in 100-200 words that explains what your music is all about.
Facebook, Twitter and Official Website links

How to get your music on Deezer

Well that’s easy, When you release a track through MusicDigi, you can actually select the option to get your music on Deezer, as well as release music to major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. That means it’ll be availble on Deezer, and other streaming services for fans to share, and play your music.
So if you’re not already releasing music through MusicDigi, you can, Sign up here and get started today.

MusicDigi lets you easily distribute your music to all the major music stores and streaming platforms, Including Spotify, Apple Music and TikTok.


The Curse of Music Streaming

Posted by Muriel February 22, 2021 Creators-Hub

I’m an indie band loyalist. Forager of the unknown. Underground scene stalker. Like to think indie bands are my little secret. Bittersweet when they become mainstream but fine, happy for them anyway.

And in all my years following indie bands, I’ve noticed something that doesn’t seem to add up.

Indie bands fill concert venues to the brim, their merchandise sell like crazy, and their songs stream non-stop. But despite years in the grind and with such huge followings, they’re still juggling multiple jobs and sleeping a few hours a night in time for their day jobs.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world the kings and queens of pop and hip hop are making millions as top streamed artists. Artists who’ve never made it to my indie radar playlists nor to those of my friends’.

Point is, the stark realities amongst musicians make me think about how much streaming services pay artists through their labels and providers. How fair are they to listeners’ choices and the artists they support?

Deezer Artist

Let the music gods rain down on all of us.

Here’s the thing:

Between you and the artists you listen to, is a matrix of streams, algorithms and systems that decide where your music playing leads to. Did you think that the earnings from the music you play actually go to the artists you support? Chances are, you’re helping fund a pop star’s next tour.

Fact: Major streaming services do not actually pay artists based on how much of their music you stream as an individual, but on how much their music is streamed within the entire count of streams. Bringing us to the bottom line: your money may not go to the artists you enjoy.

Where is the fairness in all of this?

The starving artist is no romantic story.

There’s nothing romantic about it when you feel like writing music is like pushing against a wall. It’s a vicious cycle. You spend to make songs, your songs get streamed, you get nothing back from your streams, but you can’t stop creating music or you become irrelevant.

We like rags to riches stories when a happy ending makes us feel good. But for the vast majority of musicians, the daily grind becomes a lifelong grind. And for most of us, that happy ending never comes.

Am I cursed forever?

Maybe there is a way out of this vicious cycle. That I don’t have to tell my future kids and kids’ kids that pursuing music is pointless. But we can’t wait much longer or that musical divide will become a deep, dark chasm, a gap too distant to bridge.

If we start asking for more transparency and accountability now, we can spare ourselves that reality. There could be a better way of doing things with a user-centric payment system (UCPS), a fairer way to support the artists we listen to. It starts with everyone in the industry supporting UCPS : streaming platforms, labels, providers, artists, listeners. With UCPS we can change how music history is written.


A fair future

We all talk about supporting artists, valuing their craft, fair pay. When in truth, the system today is not built to support our choices and the artists we enjoy. We celebrate the victories of musicians who’ve made it, but forget about those who don’t benefit from the system’s bias. A bias that helps some but leaves others in a hole.


It wouldn’t be as bleak a picture if I were just an outsider looking in. But as an artist, I’ve seen so many musician friends pack up their gear and give up their careers, or work the oddest jobs to keep them going. Likewise for my band, despite thousands of followers and millions of streams, payouts from streaming is still hardly enough to fund our next song.

Deezer Artist Separation

Don’t get me wrong – UCPS isn’t going to change our lives overnight. It’s one of many things that needs to be fixed in the music industry. But as a step in the direction of a fair future, a step towards lifting this curse, it’s one we should take.

The user centric payments system (UCPS) is an initiative kicked off by Deezer in 2017. A user centric payment model would restructure the current way of allocating royalties for music streaming. Today, royalties are allocated based on the overall market share on the platform. Under a user centric model, royalties would be allocated based directly on each listener’s streams, creating a fair environment for all artists and building a direct connection between fans and musicians. Support your choice of artists by supporting Deezer’s initiative for a UCPS pilot in 2021.

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