Deezer Bang Olufsen

Posted : admin On 1/2/2022

I have a Band O beoplay V1 tv with the Deezer app installed as standard. I have had a premium Deezer account since I got the TV and also access Deezer on other devices. I can access on other devices, but when I tried to load the Deezer app on the TV I get the Deezer screen and welcome message, but. To get Deezer on Bang & Olufsen, pick a subscription plan. Listen ad-free on Deezer Premium or upgrade to FLAC quality with Deezer HiFi.

  1. Deezer Bang Olufsen Wireless

Knows what you want to hear.

Deezer Bang Olufsen

Deezer Bang Olufsen Wireless

We all have habits and routines. BeoSound Moment listens to these habits through PatternPlay and adapts to the way you listen to music. The intelligent algorithm register the music played, and learn over the time, what music is heard at what day at what time. PatternPlay learns from each interaction: the more often the BeoSound Moment is used, the 'wiser' (more accurate) is the function. Which music is suggested and played via PatternPlay depends on your selection of Internet radio stations, NAS/iTunes playlists and Deezer playlists.