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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022
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Deezer Dark Mode Android

Deezer recently changed their look for a fresher, better music streaming experience and they’re taking that polish and making it dark.

Deezer’s recent re-brand re-invigorated their appearance in a way that they say “highlights the brand’s human and local identity”. It does have a good, smooth new look that makes streaming music on Deezer an even better experience.

This time Dark mode. Dark mode make it easier for your eye while using Deezer app. It also has a very nice combination of monochromatic and pink colors. Other than the monochromatic menus you can also change your player to use the monochromatic color to make it unified with the rest of the app. Here is a short video on Dark mode. You can change your Deezer Desktop App background into dark by following these steps: Click on your profile in the top right corner Click on 'Account Settings' In the Dropdown menu activate Dark mode. DEEZER DARK MODE IS FINALLY HERE!!! The feature we have all been waiting and praying for since the 1800s is finally here! All one has to do is update to the latest version then open the app, go to Settings, then Display Settings the rest is self-explanatory!;-). I can now see the toggle button when I’m on “Light Mode”, thanks. The button was showing fine in Dark Mode, as I said, but in White Mode I couldn’t see it at all. Now I can see it, in Light Mode (as well as Dark Mode), but in Light Mode it remains too subtle, in my opinion Anyways, it’s there and I know where to click now! Deezer’s introduced dark mode back in June and has been rolling out to Android users since then. Today, it is available to all Android users, all you need to do is update your app. Free and Premium users can access Dark Mode on their Android devices and on the Deezer website.

The brand’s “human identity” may be coming through in an even newer addition, allowing listeners to customise their experience more. With a new dark mode rolling out users can choose whether the app has a bright and light look to it, or a darker black theme.

The new mode rolled out today to Android users and will be available for all Android users in a few days accordingly. It’s available for both Free and Premium users on Android devices and on the streaming service’s website.

Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer, Stefan Tweraser said: “Dark mode is not only one of the most requested features from our users, but it’s also one that we are personally excited about. While we love our rebranded app, we also understand that in some situations, it would benefit users to switch between light and dark.

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Deezer Premium Dark Mode Apk

“So, whether you want to prevent eye strain or it’s just your preferred style, Deezer’s dark mode is for those who dare to venture to the dark side.”