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Posted : admin On 1/1/2022

Deezer Family: Up to 6 Deezer Premium profiles on one account, so you can share the love of music with the whole family. Deezer Student: All the benefits of Deezer Premium such as listening to offline music, but for half the price. Deezer Hi-Fi: Stream music in lossless quality on high-res sound systems. Deezer Hifi service is now available on your phone and web Calling all fans of high fidelity! Deezer just taken FLAC quality sound to every device. Wherever you are, Deezer HiFi is now bringing 52 million tunes to your mobile or web. All of Deezer’s HiFi tracks can be downloaded, so you don’t have to compromise on quality when you listen to music offline. Plug in your high fidelity. Update buffering setting for HiFi in the mobile and desktop apps. The apps start playback for a split second when in HI-FI mode and then the app playback pauses for a second to buffer up. So the fact that the Deezer app stutters shows this is a problem with the Deezer servers. I even tested a 8K Youtube video, worked fine too.

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Deezer welcomes HiFi into the Family

Posted by Jennefer Meléndez March 24, 2021 Family, HiFi, US

Unlimited high fidelity music now available as Family package for just $19.99

Deezer Hifi Family

Your whole family deserves the supreme music experience. Today Deezer’s new dedicated “Family HiFi” tier launches worldwide. If you’re one of Deezer’s HiFi users, you can instantly upgrade to “Family HiFi” and get up to six profiles for just $19.99.

The new offering costs just $5 more than a regular HiFi subscription, which means that you pay only $1 for each additional profile. Deezer will also open Family Hifi to new subscribers for the same price later this year.

The benefits of Deezer Family HiFi are:

  • Six individual, password-protected, HiFi profiles under one subscription
  • No ads and access to 70 million high fidelity tracks
  • Filter kids’ access with parental controls
  • Unlimited skips, offline listening and downloads in FLAC quality
  • Curated recommendations, smart mixes and editorial playlists, including your own Family Mix
  • A dedicated “HiFi Room” with exclusive curated HiFi content
  • Flow, your “personal soundtrack” that knows what you want to hear by using smart data, algorithms and editorial recommendations
  • Exclusive access to our dedicated ‘360 by Deezer’ app with tracks in Sony’s innovative ‘360 Reality Audio’ format
  • Dedicated customer service for Hifi users only

Deezer Family HiFi users can enjoy the service on their mobile, desktop app or via any of Deezer’s partners. This includes Sony, Sonos, Bang & Olufsen, Xbox, Google Home and Samsung to name just a few.

“We always listen to our customer feedback and continue innovating our service. We know that a growing number of fans truly appreciate incredible sound and want to share this experience with their whole family. Our new subscription plan now means the entire household can enjoy supreme high fidelity music.” said Yoav Banai, VP Customer Engagement at Deezer.

Deezer Family HiFi is available from today for existing Deezer HiFi users and will roll out to new users later this year. If you’re a new user, you can first try out Deezer HiFi by signing up for three months free here.

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Sound you can feel.

Immerse yourself in spatialized sound with 360 Reality Audio.

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Ready to dive into the future of music? 360 by Deezer is a mobile application dedicated to providing a first-look into new audio technology known as 360 Reality Audio - tracks that have been digitally remastered by the artists in a way that creates spatial sound. Just sync any pair of compatible headphones, and enjoy a fully immersive listening experience.

Put on your headphones

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Experience spatial sound

Put on your headphones

Download ‎360 by Deezer

Experience spatial sound

Discover the 360 Reality Audio universe

For the most optimized 360 Reality Audio experience, this app is available exclusively to Deezer HiFi users who are able to listen to music in lossless sound quality. Don’t have Deezer HiFi yet? Get 3 months free with the purchase of select Sony headphones.

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1 month free then 14,99 €/month. Cancel anytime.


Check out our Editors' playlists or make your own:

Deezer Hi Fi Mobile Phone


What is 360 Reality Audio?

This is a new audio format that maximizes the spatial sound field by creating multiple virtual speakers. Instruments are converted into independent 'objects', placeable anywhere in true 360-degree space. The result? A truly immersive listening experience.

How can I try 360 Reality Audio?

First, you'll need to have a Deezer HiFi subscription. Once subscribed, simply download the 360 by Deezer app and enjoy our catalog of 360 RA tracks!

Deezer Hifi On Mobile

What's the difference between the 360 by Deezer app and the standard Deezer app?

360 by Deezer lets you explore the 360 RA catalog, and helps you filter your music library by audio format. We recommend checking back regularly, as remastered tracks will be continually added to the 360 RA catalog.

Deezer Hifi On Ios

How do I connect my Sony headphones?

Deezer Hifi Family Plan

You will need to set them up using Sony's Headphones Connect app. This app will optimize your headphones by customizing the sound according to your ear shape.

Deezer Hifi On Mobile Hotspot

How do I redeem my Sony code?

Deezer Hifi On Mobile Hotspot Windows

Your Sony code can be found in the packaging of your new headphones.
Enter your code on the Sony website to redeem the Deezer HiFi offer. Once subscribed to the plan just download 360 by Deezer in your app store!