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Part 2. Deezer vs Tidal: Subscription Service

Deezer brings on board 4 pricing tiers among which contain 1 free tier. The Deezer Premium+ charges about $9.99 per month. Even though these options limit sound quality to 320kbps, there are no annoying ads during the streaming session. There is also the option of Deezer Family, at a monthly fee of about $15. This choice covers up to 6 profiles while letting you enjoy limited mobile app use.

A list of Deezer subscription plans:

I consider myself music lover, and for me Deezer Premium HQ is perfect. Also I need to pay €5 less. So I save €60 a year not going hifi. Deezer customer service actually recommended me hifi service as I searched option for Google replacing 320K GPM with 256K YTM. Deezer has an annual for their non-hifi tier that saves you money ($89.91 vs $119.88). There is no equivalent plan on Qobuz. I was able to immediately find missing content on Qobuz that is present on Deezer by searching for the more obscure artists in my library. For example, the Russian band Bird Bone is missing my favorite releases.

Deezer Free: $0.00/month

Deezer HiFi: $14.99/month

Deezer Hifi

Deezer Premium: $9.99/month

Deezer Family: $14.99/month

Note: With free Deezer subscription, you can only listen to Deezer songs and playlists online. If you'd like to play them offline, you'd better download Deezer music offline with a professional Deezer music downloading tool.

Tidal knows how to lock in its subscribers, a move that is evident from its 50% discount for students who make monthly payments. All you need is a valid university email account for you to enjoy these huge benefits. Even with such discounts, Tidal has no free tier except a 7-day trial. But, its premium includes 'high quality' at 320kbps. The possibility of gaining access to lossless content is also present with the Tidal Hi-Fi tier at a cost of $19.99 per month.

Note: It is important to know for everyone, especially for those who are new to Tidal, that Tidal provides no free plan. Without subscription, you can't even listen to it online.

A list of all types of plans from Tidal:

Tidal Premim Standard: $9.99/month

Tidal Premim Family:$14.99/month

Tidal Premim Student: $4.99/month

Tidal Premim Military: $5.99/month

Tidal Premim First Responder: $5.99/month

Tidal HiFi Standard: $19.99/month

Tidal HiFi Family: $29.99/month

Tidal HiFi Student: $9.99/month

Tidal HiFi Military: $11.99/month

Deezer Hifi Cost

Tidal HiFi First Responder: $11.99/month

Deezer Family HiFi is available from today for existing Deezer HiFi users but or and will roll out to new users later this year.
Unlimited HiFi music will now be available for subscribers, with existing Deezer HiFi users now capable of upgrading to the Family HiFi subscription and enjoy up to six profiles for only $19.99. Deezer announced the new music quality upgrade last Mar. 24, noting that the new offering only costs $5 more than the existing HiFi program - an equivalent of $1 for each additional profile. Additionally, Deezer teases that it plans to open Family HiFi for new subscribers at the same opening price later this year.

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The More, The Merrier With DEEZER Family HiFi

Subscribers of the Family HiFi program enjoy six individual HiFi profiles under one subscription, each being password-protected. Playing music in the streaming service ensures no interruptions from ads and the choice to more than 70 million HiFi tracks.

As parents and kids enjoy separate profiles and separate music recommendations for new music to enjoy, they can rest assured that they can filter their kids' access on the app with the parental controls.

Unlike free users, Deezer subscribers enjoy unlimited skips in-between songs, listen to their saved songs and podcasts offline, and even download songs in lossless FLAC quality.

With the Deezer Flow feature, all users under the Family HiFi plan get to enjoy music recommendations based on the songs they listen to, thanks to its smart data and advanced algorithm designed by people who love music. Aside from the automated suggestions, Deezer Flow also includes editorial recommendations curated by Deezer's music-oriented team.

Deezer Hifi Family

Keep the six separate profiles connected through the Deezer Family Mix. In this playlist, everyone can contribute and share their musical tastes together, in addition to the platform's curated recommendations and smart mixes.

Lastly, the new Family HiFi subscription also allows exclusive access to the exclusive '360 by Deezer' app - a unique listening experience made possible by spatialized sound with Sony's 360 Reality Audio format - as well as dedicated customer service only for HiFi users.

Deezer Hifi Plan

Quality Music Anytime, Anywhere

With the Deezer Family HiFi, users can enjoy the streaming service's extensive library, whether on their mobile devices, through the desktop app, or through Deezer's multiple partners. Users can also listen on their devices from Sony, Sonos, Bang & Olufsen, Xbox, Google Home, Samsung, and more.

'We always listen to our customer feedback and continue innovating our service,' said Yoav Banai, Deezer's VP for Customer Engagement, in the company's press release. 'We know that a growing number of fans truly appreciate incredible sound and want to share this experience with their whole family.'

Banai adds: 'Our new subscription plan now means the entire household can enjoy supreme high fidelity music.'

Additionally, Deezer Family HiFi is now available for existing Deezer HiFi subscribers but will be rolled out to new subscribers later in the year. For now, new users can try out Deezer HiFi by signing up for three months - for free!

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