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Posted : admin On 1/1/2022

What is Deezer?

Deezer Premium Apk allows users to download and save favorite songs and listen to them offline when there is no internet connection. This feature is available for Premium accounts only. It provides the 320 KBPS quality music files, which is good for professional music users. How to Get Deezer Premium For Free (PC/IOS/ANDROID)!!!Like and Subscribe and Share if Thats Helps:)!Tweakboxapp (ios only) link:

It is a service that allows you to listen to your favorite music without limits and for free in exchange for publicity. You will enjoy 35 million songs, you can create your playlists, share songs on social networks, find the latest from your favorite artists, read the lyrics of the songs while you listen to them, discover new artists … all this and much more with just download the Deezer application from Google Play or Apple Store.

How do I get Deezer Free?

Download the Deezer application from your market or look it up in Orange Apps. Once downloaded, open it and register as a new user and that’s it! Now you can start listening to music without limits. You just have to find your favorite songs and organize them into lists to listen to when you want.

Why and how do I become Premium?


You do not have to make premium to continue using Deezer, but if you do Premium you can also; listen to the music with higher quality and without publicity, choose which song you want to listen to at each moment and download your songs to listen to them without connection. If you make premium with Orange, in addition to trying it for free the first month, then you only pay € 7.99, instead of € 9.99. Also, if you are a contract, we assign you an extra 1GB bonus every month so you do not spend your mobile line data.

You can do it in two ways:

From the Deezer App for mobile or tablets. Within the menu, My Music, select “Subscribe” and choose to premium with Orange for only € 7.99 / month instead of € 9.99 + an extra 1GB bonus to use Deezer with your mobile line. You only have to choose Orange as a means of payment and we will charge Deezer’s monthly fee on your Orange invoice.

In both cases, we will send you an SMS confirming your subscription, and another, informing you of the activation of the 1GB bonus.

Deezer is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry and you can use it on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Connect with WiFi and Orange 3G / 4G network. We advise you to synchronize your lists with WiFi so that the giga lasts longer. From the configuration, turn off synchronize through the mobile network

How do I activate the 1GB bonus for Deezer?

It is activated and renewed automatically with your premium account. Once you have made premium with Orange you receive an SMS confirming the activation of the 1GB Bonus for Deezer.

If you are an Orange customer but you made a premium with the offer of a credit card or Paypal, you pay € 9.99 and you do not have the right to a 1GB bonus.

I have a promotional code from Deezer. How do I redeem it?

  1. It’s very simple.
  2. Enter your promotional code.
  3. Associate the code to your Deezer account. For this you have to be connected to Deezer with your user. If you still do not have a user, it is necessary that you register.
  4. Once you have associated the code you will see a screen with the confirmation.

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How long is the gig to listen to Deezer music?

The 1GB Bonus is renewed automatically every month while the client remains as a premium.

To give you an idea, an hour of streaming music is approximately 60MB * consumption, so you could have up to 17 hours per month without stopping. Keep in mind that each song discounts megabytes of your 1GB bonus even if you do not listen to it completely. If you go from one song to another, the megas will be discounted automatically, so the time you can use the bonus may vary.

To make your gig last longer, you can configure the application to play music in high quality and to synchronize your lists only in WiFi:

I’m an Orange customer and I made a premium with a Credit Card or Paypal, how can I change to the Premium offer with Orange?

If you want to enjoy the Deezer Premium offer with Orange you must;

1- Unsubscribe from Deezer Premium with a credit card from the Deezer application

2- Remake premium from mú or from the Deezer App by selecting the Orange offer. It is important that you identify the email associated with your Deezer account to maintain your profile.

Have I forgotten my Deezer account information?

If you have forgotten your password, at the beginning of the session you can ask to be reminded. You just have to visit the link that says Have you forgotten your password? You indicate your email and Deezer sends you an email with your password information.

I want to consult or modify the data of my account

Access here from your PC and within the menu you can modify your email, password and other data associated with your Deezer account.

How do I pass my Spotify lists to Deezer?

To copy your Spotify lists you do not need to be a Premium user. It is very easy you have to enter or directly at

How do I cancel the Premium offer with Orange?

It is very easy, you specify the MSISDN that you want to deactivate and you enter a code that we will send you by SMS to confirm the process.

Do you want to delete the Deezer account that you created in your day?

You can do it from :

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You register

Deezer Premium Hack Pc

You access your account / My data and at the end of the page you have a link that allows you to delete your account.