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Welcome to my CAM STYLES video! I make drawing video that are easy to understand and apply. So whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, you can still f.

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Fashion fairies!

Do you know what I prefer about fashion? That I can draw a lot!!!

You could do that too, simply following these easy steps on how to draw a simple yet cool fashion design for your magical outfit:

- start with the body first, as it will be the base of your sketch

Designer Formal Gowns For Women

- then, draw the basic outlines of the dress

- after that, draw all the other details and choose the best colors and patterns to match your design

MAGIC RULE: let your imagination go wild!!! Imagine your dream outfit and then try drawing it!

Fashion Designer Gown Drawing

What kind of dress would you like to draw?

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    Thanks Stella, this will definitely help my drawing skills. <3
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    I draw really excellent dresses i wish i could show you , but urs one r like fashion fairytale , all shimmerind , shining and glimmering . I get inspiration from u.
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    Thanks for the tips Stella because I am not very good at drawing; you on the other hand are a excellent drawer! I would draw party dresses, maxi dresses, skater dresses and Blouson dresses. I like chic dresses that are frilly.
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    Wow! Thx Stella i will soon start to learn how to sew a dress hopefully i can sew................................ :)
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    I always wanted to learn how to draw... TQ sooo muchy- much stella!!
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    Thanks for that stella but my biggest problem is how to draw the body
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    thanks soooooooooo much stella i will draw a dress right away!
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    Thanks, Stella! I will draw a dainty dress with pink flower patterns! Because this what I love!
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    I'm quite happy because these are the actual steps of drawing your own fashion designs, you don't know how irritated I get when someone just draws the piece of clothing and not the body parts. Thanks!
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    Thanks! I always loved drawing and designing , so I'm giving it a go!
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    I also draw many fancy and stylish outfits in my leisure time.I wish i could show it to you Stella.
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    I love drawing, and I love dresses! I totally love the idea of fashion drawing, I've never tried it before. You're the best Stella!
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    Thank you Stella you are the best fashion designer in the whole world Magic Dimension......the best fashion designer is really beautiful and I love Your Drawings they are so CREATIVE and AMAZING. i have a small fashion designer kit and your idea will help me to do the work more beautiful
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    Hey, Stella, if you design fashion to wear, and I design fashion on wheels!!