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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022

Launch EaseUS data recovery software, select the disk where you want to recover. 5 Ways to Recover an Unsaved or Deleted Word Document. Closing the Word accidentally or program/system crash may cause the unsaved Word document to disappear. Luckily, there is still a chance to recover unsaved Word documents in Windows 10 from Temporary Files, AutoRecover, or Word Document Recovery. Besides, if your saved Word document gets.

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Have you ever faced the situation that you lost the Word document you were working on due to some unexpected issues? Should you redo the work for Word document again after restart or computer crash?

It should be a frustrating experience if you have been working on the Word file for a long period of time. How to recover unsaved word document?

The article explains the frequently used method to get the unsaved word document back with ease. Just check out the solution from the article to choose the best method to recover unsaved word document for both Windows and Mac accordingly.

Part 1. How to Find and Recover Unsaved Word Documents Manually

Compatible with most of the file systems, Disk Drill offers a big hand of help, for word document recovery and excel document recovery. This procedure solely depends on 3 easy steps: – Downloading the free Disk Drill software – Launch the app and select the drive you lost the excel file, click recover. Fix File Recovery Failure - Use Another Reliable File Recovery Software. When you perform incomplete file recovery on your storage devices with Recuva, Stellar, Disk Drill, or even EaseUS file recovery software, you probably cannot open recovered files. Here's what to do: First, make sure that you use the software in the right way.

Actually there are many occasions that the word document inadvertently shut down, or the computer has some problem that restart or crash without saving the word document. There are many ways to recover the unsaved word document, and find the temporary files is a normal and practical way. There are two main methods for finding temporary files manually to recover unsaved document.

Method 1: Access and recover unsaved word document from temporary files

Step 1. Enter C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataMicrosoftWord to find the temporary files where you can recover the unsaved word document.

Step 2. And then check the temporary file begin with squiggly line '~'. It is worth mentioning that you should put the name of the folder of 'administration' depend on your specific circumstance.

Method 2: Search and recover unsaved word document from temporary files

Step 1. Search for the .tmpextension or '~' files for temporary files in the 'Start Search' box from 'Start' menu. And then you can get a list of temporary files, which you have to identify the correct files to recover unsaved word document.

Step 2. If you find any file whose name is the name of the missing file, you can launch Microsoft Word to click the 'file', and then click 'open'. You should choose all kinds of document in the box of document type.

Part 2. Recover Unsaved Word Document Using AutoRecover Feature

It may be troublesome for the people work with Microsoft Word for most of the time. Actually Word has its own automatically unsaved word document recovery to avoid restarting or computer crashing. Just take full advantage with the AutoRecover files to get back the information.

Method 1: Recover unsaved word document from Word automatically

By default, the AutoRecover files start every time you launch the Word file. Just follow the steps to recover word document from Word program automatically.

Step 1. On the Start screen, you can right click the Word program, and then tap or click 'More' and choose 'Pin to taskbar' to launch the taskbar. After that select the 'Task Manager'.

Step 2. And then on the 'Processes' tab, you should click 'End Process' for all the Winword.exe or Microsoft Word processes. Make sure you have ended all the word related process before close the 'Windows Task Manager'.

Step 3. Check the Document Recovery task pane to open on the left side, which you can recover unsaved word document with the '* Original' or '* Recovered'. Double click the unsaved word document and save to your computer.

In this way, you are able to retrieve unsaved Excel file.

Method 2: Recover unsaved word document from Word manually

How to recover unsaved word document of Word 2010

Actually it is the easiest method to get back the unsaved files from Word 2010, you only need to click the 'File' menu, and then click 'Recent'. Choose the 'Recover Unsaved Documents'.

How to recover unsaved word document of Word 2007

Click the Microsoft Office button, and then choose 'Word' option. In the Navigate pane, you can choose 'Save'. And then you can access to the AutoRecover file location, take down the location to look for ASD files.

If you are using Word 2002 or Word 2003, you can access to AutoRecover file location from 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'File Locations' to recover unsaved word documents.

Part 3. Best Word Recovery Tool to Recover Unsaved Word Document (Recommended)

What should you do if you still cannot recover the unsaved word documents with the above solutions? What is more, the process might be complicated for green hand and people who are not familiar with the setting of software. What's worth, the methods previously mentioned still have some rate of failure and both of them cannot recover the document you deleted thoroughly by accident. In order to successful recovering the unsaved word documents, Disk Drill and Apeaksoft Data Recovery are the highly recommended methods to extract and recover the lost documents.

Recover unsaved Word with Data Recovery

Data Recovery is the Word recovery tool for Windows users. It enables you to easily restore many frequently-used files from your computer.

  • It recovers unsaved Word file in doc and docx.
  • It retrieves the video files in the formats of AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.
  • Audio files like AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, etc. can be found back.
  • It recovers all types of data from computer, recycle bin, hard/flash drive, memory card, etc. with ease.
  • It recovers images in JPG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, etc.
  • You can get the unsaved Excel recovery, corrupted PPT/PPTX retrieval, PDF, CWK, HTML/HTM, INDD, EPS, etc.
  • Email and other data like ZIP, RAR, SIT, and more are supported to get back.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (SP2 or later).
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Free download, install and run this software on your computer.

In the main interface, you need to check the data types from Image, Audio, Video, Email, Document and others. Here, you should tick 'Document'.

In the hard disk drive, you also need to check it. Then click Scan to start the scanning process.

Step 2. After the scanning result is complete, you need to click the data type folder for further details.

After viewing the deleted Word files in details, you could checkmark the exact Word files that you want to restore, and click Recover to save the deleted data to your computer. With the same solution, you can also get the unsaved Excel recovery with ease.

You can also learn from the video tutorial to recover the unsaved Word file:

Restore unsaved Word with Disk Drill

Disk Drill has many wonderful functions. What's more, it is a recovery tool as well as a disk tool. As a disk tool, it has hard disk health check, disk memory clean up, duplicate finder, recovery drive, data protect/backup and other functions, and they are in free.

Besides recovering the unsaved word documents in the memory of the computer hard disk, it can also recover them from storage device. Besides, it is friendly for normal people because of no expert skills needing. Even if a person who isn't familiar to recovery tool at all, there isn't any block for scanning and recovering the disk.

Step 1. Download and install the software

You can download Disk Drill from its official website. Then install the software on your personal computer, you can click the icon twice to launch it or wait for it launch automatically right after the install-process completing.

Step 2. Choose the disk you want to scan

After launching this software, you can see 'protect' and 'recover' in the interface. Because of your purpose of recovering lost Microsoft Word document, we can choose recover to continue. Then you can choose the disk that includes your document and wait within one minute.

Step 3. Filter files by file formats

You can see the button of 'recover data' on the top of the interface, click it and you can filter files by different file formats. You can choose unsaved word documents to recover. Generally speaking, you can find the document you lost in this moment.

Step 4. Recover the unsaved word documents

You can select the document and choose the place that the recovered document stored. After clicking it for a moment, you can see your lost document. You can check this post to learn how to restore previous version of Word document.


This article is about how to recover the unsaved Microsoft Word documents, thus it lists the ways to get the files back without doing the work again. There are some default solutions to recover the unsaved Word documents with temp files or AutoRecover from Word. In order to find and recover the unsaved word document of different versions with ease, you can take the recover feature of Disk Drill and Data Recovery into consideration.

Managing thousands of word and excel files is a mammoth task. Deletion might appear as the best option to free up some space in your drives. Meanwhile, you may have deleted critical files, unconsciously, regression follows. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In this case, a free data recovery software might just do the trick. Trust issues and efficiency of the software is what is essential here.

About Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a complete package offering professional-grade recovery tools. Data as large as 500MB can be recovered, free of cost. The algorithms supported by this recovery app include Universal Partition Search, Quick & Deep Scans, and restriction to deletion of protected data. This software is super easy to use and the progress can be checked, paused, saved and loaded according to your will. Be it external or internal drives, memory cards USB drives, cameras, Kindles or iPods, Disk drill reads and recovers media from all of them.

Disk Drill for Windows

Windows being the prominently used OS among most of the desktop users, Disk Drill for Windows has its free app presented in the most eloquent attire. A single click will get the scanning and recovering process started based on your input. One of the most distinct pros includes protection of the PC from forthcoming data loss possibilities. Also, its recovery vault maintains a record of the removed files for future recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Word and Excel Document

Every PC is prone to data loss and so it is mandatory to install a trusted software, in order to save the effort of downloading suspicious software right when you lose or involuntarily delete your files.


Compatible with most of the file systems, Disk Drill offers a big hand of help, for word document recovery and excel document recovery. This procedure solely depends on 3 easy steps:

Downloading the free Disk Drill software
Launch the app and select the drive you lost the excel file, click recover
Select the excel doc you intend to recover from the scanned list of files

Supporting multiple ways of storing data, deleted files can be recovered from NTFS file system, exFAT, FAT, Linux EXT2/3/4, etc. Also, even after this if your file is not found, deep scan will work, digging deep into your hard drive.

Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill for Mac offers both trial and PRO version to Mac users. The trial version consists of a package that allows functional ability and work ability but with restricted usage. However, once the PRO version is purchased, extensive features can be accessed with unlimited usage. Disk usage can be tracked using the ‘Data mapping mode’ tracks disk usage and necessary deletion can be done directly from the Disk Drill panel. Meanwhile, system critical files are protected and secured.

How to Recover Deleted Word and Excel Document on MAC
Disk Drill Recover Word Document

The first step for word document recovery on mac and excel document recovery on mac is to install the free software. The software is available to download, for free. Get started with a trial version and once convinced, go for the PRO version to unlock more features with unlimited usage.

How To Use Disk Drill Recovery

The next step that follows is the deployment to the application folders. Once the files are loaded and the application is ready, you are finally ready to launch the application.

Word or excel documents, being the most imperative contents of your system need to be protected and recovered when deleted, if required. A simple scan or deep scan will list the files you could recover. Select your desirable file and choose the destination where you want the recovered file to go. It takes seconds to recover word docs on MAC, giving life to your docs which were deleted back then.


Disk Drill Data Recovery

It is highly imperative for a PC to gear up for something that might happen in future leading to the removal of critical files that might be required urgently. Thus in spite of trusting apps that may cause harm to your computer and might not be efficient, you need to get equipped with a trustworthy software. Knocking a try at Disk Drill will fetch you the anticipated results at once.

Disk Drill Recovery Software

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