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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022
Ecosia opera gx reviews
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Opera has announced that its gaming browser, Opera GX, has won the Red Dot Award which Opera describes as “one of the world’s most prestigious design awards”. Opera GX was announced during E3 and while not a gaming platform itself, features Twitch integration and tools to control your computer’s CPU and memory usage making gaming and streaming that much smoother.

  1. Opera GX is a new alternative to the well-known browser. This time, it focuses on offering services and features for PC videogame players. Although this version shares its core with the standard version, it includes enough changes to be considered a totally different product.
  2. Many, like Ecosia, are also certified B Corporation members. It’s important to note that the “green leaf” search highlights are not advertisements or paid results, and they are ranked on the search page no more favourably than any other. No financial relationship exists between Ecosia and any of.
Ecosia Opera Gx

I have been trying to change my default search engine to but i failed to do so. Even though i can add ecosia to the list of search engines, i cannot make it the default. Is there a way to make the default search engine for both on desktop and Android?

Ecosia Opera Gx Free

The Red Dot Award was given to Opera after an international jury assessed a total of 8,697 entries over several days. After the deliberation period, the jury decided to award Opera GX the Red Dot Award in the Interface and User Experience Design category. Opera GX is a lot like the normal Opera browser but comes with a heavily redesigned theme with customisable colour options to make it fit better with gaming aesthetics.

Ecosia Opera Gx Reviews

Commenting on the Red Dot Award and congratulating the winners, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, said:

Ecosia opera gx review

“For around 65 years, the Red Dot Award as one of the world’s largest design competitions has been providing a platform for designers, agencies and companies to evaluate good design. I want to congratulate the laureates sincerely on their distinction, which both bears testimony to their convincing performance and highlights their quality and design leadership. Anyone who succeeds in such a strong and international bunch of competitors deserves to be proud of themselves and of their achievements.”

Ecosia Opera Gx Download

Opera also took the opportunity to report that the browser has been downloaded one million times since it launched earlier this summer. The firm said that this was a great number to achieve for an early access program but that this is just the beginning.