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Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may vary based on the level of Extra Help you receive. Please contact the plan for further details. Disclaimer for Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan (SNP): This plan is available to anyone with Medicare who has. 2019 Copayment Rates Effective date June 6, 2019. Outpatient Services. Basic Care Services $15 / visit. Services provided by a primary care clinician. Specialty Care Services $50 / visit. Services provided by a clinical specialist such as surgeon, radiologist, audiologist, optometrist, cardiologist, and specialty tests such as magnetic resonance imagery. S had full Extra Help and a monthly income below $1,094, his copays would be $1.30 for generics and $4.00 for brand-name drugs, making his generic Extra Help copay less costly than the plan copay of $1.35. This means that Mr. S would pay the Extra Help copay throughout the year.

The Federal Government provides an extensive program for people needing financial assistance with the Medicare Part D program. Depending on your income and available financial resources , Medicare will provide 'Extra Help' that may cover 85% to 100% of prescription costs and may also pay a part or all of your Medicare Part D premiums.
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Who Qualifies for 'Extra Help'?

For the plan year 2021 If your income is below $19,320 per year for a single person (or $26,130 for a married couple living together or even more if you have dependent children or grandchildren living with you), AND if your assets (resources) are below $13,290* for a single person (or $26,520* if you are married). *These limits do not include the $1,500 per person burial exclusion, see more details below.

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The following items are NOT included in income:
  • Housing assistance,
  • Medical treatment and drugs,
  • Food stamp assistance, etc.
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$1,500 per person Burial Exclusion:
All beneficiaries are permitted a $1,500 per person burial exclusion from their resources. This exclusion can be taken into account by either reducing your resources by $1,500 per person (Medicare & Your Handbook) or by increasing the resource limit by $1,500 per person (Most other Social Security Administration and Medicare documents). Below is a chart showing the resource figures with, and without taking into account the burial exclusion:Help
Maximum Resource LimitWith $1,500 Burial ExclusionWithout $1,500 Burial Exclusion

The following items are included in resources:

How To Get Help With Medical Copays

  • bank accounts,
  • stocks and bonds,
  • Real estate (other than your primary residence), etc.
The following items are NOT included in resources:
  • the house you live in,
  • your car,
  • other personal possessions such as your furniture and jewelry, etc.
  • burial plots,
  • up to$1,500 for burial expenses (per person), or
  • life insurance policies.
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How To Get Copay Assistance

Click on the year below to change the above qualification figures to the selected year:
If you receive the full Extra-Help, full LIS, or are dual eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, there are Medicare Prescription Drug plans in your state the will qualify for the $0 monthly premium. Click on your state below to see PDP plans that qualify for the $0 premium:

Who Should You Contact for 'Extra Help'?

What Is Copay Assistance Program

What Medicare Beneficiaries Who are interested in qualifying for financial 'extra help' with the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans should visit http://www.socialsecurity.gov/i1020

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