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FS-10 in Excel (124 KB) - recommended; please enable macros
FS-10 in Word (90 KB) FS-10 in .pdf
Budget Amendments
Certain types of changes to a project or a budget require the grantee to request prior approval from the Department. Use the FS-10-A form to submit requests to the office responsible for the grant.
FS-10-A in Excel (41 KB) - recommended; please enable macros
FS-10-A in Word (47 KB) FS-10-A in .pdf (183 KB)
Requests for Funds
Use an FS-25 to request funds from an approved grant. The amount of funds requested at any one time may only include actual expenditures to date plus, where allowed, anticipated expenditures for the next month.
FS-25 in Excel (49 KB) - recommended; please enable macros
FS-25 in Word (43 KB) FS-25 in .pdf (147 KB)
Final Expenditure Reports
FS-10-F Long Form in Excel (128 KB) - recommended; please enable macros
FS-10-F Long Form in Word (120 KB) FS-10-F Long Form in .pdf (79 KB)
Payee Information
A Payee Information (or PI)/NYSED Substitute W-9 is included as part of the grant application/Request for Proposals (RFP). It is required for submission with application/RFP for (1) applicants that have not previously received grant funding from the Department or (2) current/past funded applicants that need to report changes to their DUNS number, registration in federal System for Award Management (SAM), etc.
PI in Word (92 KB) PI in .pdf (155 KB)
Request to Increase Indirect Cost Rate
Not-for-profit agencies may request an increased indirect cost rate by submitting this form to Grants Finance. Please contact Grants Finance for a copy of the form.
F# Cheat Sheet

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C# Cheat Sheet

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Fsharp Cheat Sheet

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