Fashion Designing Beginner Sketches Of Dresses

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A fashion sketches consists of the figurative fashion drawing of a slightly exaggerated, idealized and stylized human figure (male or female) along with the clothes and accessories adorning it. You draw the human figure with your clothing design and present everything about the style of clothing, embellishments you want to add on it, then pepper it with the attitude you want to convey with that particular style – there you have your fashion sketch laid out for the world to take notice.

Fashion Sketches is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing, and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. It is mainly used by fashion designers to brainstorm their ideas on to paper or computer, using digital software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which helps them to communicate easily with their team. Fashion sketching plays a major role in designing to preview and visualize the designer’s thoughts and make decisions before going to actual clothing to reduce any wastage.

Fashion Designing Beginner Sketches Of Dresses

Apart from fashion designers, fashion illustrators get commissioned for reproduction in fashion magazines as one part of an editorial feature or for the purpose of advertising and promoting fashion makers, fashion boutiques and department stores.


Fashion illustration has been around for nearly 500 years. Ever since clothes have been in existence, and there has been a need to translate an idea or image into a fashion illustration. Not only do fashion illustrations show a representation or design of a garment but they also serve as a form of art. Fashion illustration shows the presence of hand and is said to be a visual luxury. (Drake, 9).

More recently, there has been a decline of fashion illustration in the late 1930s when Vogue began to replace its celebrated illustrated covers with photographic images. This was a major turning point in the fashion industry.

How To Draw Fashion Sketches

First and foremost you should practice at improving hand-eye coordination; this can improve your drawing skills. You can start practicing drawing by sketching someone you know. Maybe they can be persuaded to model for you. The right incentive works every time – like chocolates at my house.

First and foremost study the proportion of human body thoroughly – The biology books you sold the day exams were over would have been of use now. That is ok. There are even more wonderful books ( and not so boring) available to teach you everything about human anatomy as well as the muscle tone and how to draw various poses , how to get the balance line right (the imaginary line that is made from the base of the center of the neck down to the floor which gives the body a balanced proportion and helps in drawing position) ; how to add your style and movement to the basic figure.

You can look at similar drawings made by other designers or figurative photographs in magazines which will guide you in developing your own style. One easy way is to practice by tracing over a model in a standing pose from a magazine

Fashion Designer Beginners Guide

Create A Good Croquis: A croquis is the basic drawing of a model pose that you can trace over and over again while sketching your fashion can find your croquis to use online or in books or you can create your own once.

Developing Your Own Style: Focus on creating sketches that express your unique esthetic with each element .there are a lot of things that determine the unique style of your illustrations.just select and create your own style and your own creativity.

Fashion Illustration Importance: It is a Great Way To Showcase Your be a good fashion designeror illustration is to make as many sales as possible, and if You Really Want prospective Customers to Say Your Work Illustration Will Be a Good Way to Do Date.


How To Draw Men’s Fashion Sketches

Figure Dimensions

Start your fashion sketch my marking how large the figure will be. Leave a little bit from the top and a little bit the bottom of the sheet then pull the centerline. Slightly higher than the actual middle of the centerline is the figure halfway. The head and torso will be drawn above this line while the legs will occupy the lower half.

Head And Torso Guidelines

Divide the upper half of the figure in four equal parts. The head of the model takes up almost the whole upper most 1/4. Leave a little bit from the 1st and a little bit from the 2nd part for the neck of the figure. Leave 1 head from the ground up for the feet of the model.


Erase all the unnecessary lines and start adding the fine details of the figure. Draw the collarbones, the hands, and abs as shown. The abs are starting right below the chests and are most visible above the belly button. The third pack of abs is always ending at the belly button. Refine the knees and the feet of the model.

Clothing Sketches For Beginners

Finishing Touches

Clean up everything, add a face, toes and of course the design you have in mind. In case the figure still looks somehow feminine you might want to check out the “differences between male and female body” tutorial.

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A Designer is a person who makes some design of things. Not just clothing design actually, but also many things of design. For fashion designer, ability for making sketches is a needed. How come the designer makes a design without draw the design? It might be difficult of course. So if you want to make some

Sketches of design are the scratches that created for make some models of design. If we want to make sketches of fashion design, so we could draw some sketches about models of fashion design. Actually make some sketches is not difficult to do. If you want to keep practice, you might be become a designer. An amateur designer it is okay for a beginner. Moreover, if you have been in love with all about fashion design things. Details and fine tuning will make any sketches fashion design look perfect.

First tips to begin some sketches of fashion design is do not feel hesitation, afraid of failed, or under oppressed. Just fell free and confident begin a first scratch. Because if you nervous, afraid, or hesitation, the sketch that you create will look bad. Visualize your models from your mind through your hand. Imagine final result will as perfect as your imagine. Do not afraid to do some color experiment. It is better if you had known how draw sketches before, because you will enjoy this activity. If the final result is far away from your imagine or you wish, do not give up! Just make another practice. More practice can get your the best result.



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