Fluorine Number Of Valence Electrons

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How many valence electrons does fluorine have?

Fluorine has 7 .

  • The fluorine atom has seven valence electrons. The atomic number of fluorine is 9, and its electronic configuration is He 2s2 2p5. The atom of fluorine prefers to gain an electron to complete its last orbit. Fluorine forms a negative ion by gaining an electron during bond formation.
  • What is Fluorine Fluorine is a chemical element with atomic number 9 which means there are 9 protons and 9 electrons in the atomic structure.
  • Valence electrons are those electrons which are present in the outermost shell of an atom.

  • Fluorine has atomic number 9. Atomic number is the number of protons present in the nucleus of an atom.

  • In every stable (Neutral) atom the number of electrons are equal to the number of protons.

  • Therefore, the number of electrons in an atom of fluorine are 9.

  • The electronic configuration of fluorine is:

Valence electrons in fluorine

E.C:- k – 2 , L-7

The last shell of fluorine has 7 electrons. Therefore there are 7 valence electrons in an atom of fluorine.

The total number of electrons in a neutral fluorine atom will equal its atomic number, which we identified as 9. As you can see below, the first energy level holds 2 electrons and the second.

Fluorine Number Of Protons Electrons And Valence Electrons

Fluorine Number Of Valence ElectronsFluorine

Fluorine Number Of Valence Electrons