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@@ -140,6 +140,23 @@ Return the full response body String. Return the full response body byte array. http-check-substring:. ``substring(expression)`` Scans for the indices of a given substring inside the body string. CheatSheet for Gatling. Contribute to worldline/gatling-cheatsheet development by creating an account on GitHub. Red Hat Developer cheat sheets 🌟 Browse through our collection of cheat sheets to help you develop with Red Hat products, which you can download for free as a Red Hat Developer member. You’ll find handy guides on a range of the latest developer tools and technologies, including Kubernetes, microservices, containers, and more.

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Gatling is a highly capable load testing tool.It is designed for ease of use, maintainability and high performance.

Out of the box, Gatling comes with excellent support of the HTTP protocol that makes it a tool of choice for load testing any HTTP server.As the core engine is actually protocol agnostic, it is perfectly possible to implement support for other protocols.For example, Gatling currently also ships JMS support.

The Quickstart has an overview of the most important concepts, walking you through the setup of a simple scenario for load testing an HTTP server.

Having scenarios that are defined in code and are resource efficient are the two requirements that motivated us to create Gatling. Based on an expressive DSL, the scenarios are self explanatory. They are easy to maintain and can be kept in a version control system.

Gatling’s architecture is asynchronous as long as the underlying protocol, such as HTTP, can be implemented in a non blocking way. This kind of architecture lets us implement virtual users as messages instead of dedicated threads, making them very resource cheap. Thus, running thousands of concurrent virtual users is not an issue.

Gatling FrontLine¶

Gatling FrontLine is Gatling’s Enterprise version, developed by Gatling Corp.

Gatling Cheat Sheet

FrontLine is a web interface with more features: real-time monitoring, clustering, metrics persistence, new metrics & trends, advanced integration with CI tools…

Migrating from a Previous Version of Gatling¶

Gatling cheat sheet for beginners
  • If you’re migrating from Gatling 2.3 to Gatling 3.0, please check the dedicated migration guide.
  • Otherwise, please follow the previous migration guides.

User guide¶

Gatling is a powerful open-source load and performance testing tool for web applications.

Kraken supports the import, edition, debug and execution of .scala Gatling scripts.


As seen in the above screenshot, display a list of possible keywords by pressing simultaneously CTRL + SPACE.

The Gatling script editor also includes Code Snippets (also activated by pressing CTRL + SPACE):

Gatling Cheat Sheets

Code snippetDescription
pckDefines the script package: package ${1:package_name}
impgImports a Gatling package: import io.gatling.${1:package_name}._
impsImports all default packages: io.gatling.core, io.gatling.http and scala.concurrent.duration
classCreates a new Simulation class: class ${1:class_name} extends Simulation {...}
objDefines a new object: object ${1:object_name} {...}
reqgCreates a new GET request: http('${1:request_name}').get('${2:url}') [...]
reqpCreates a new POST request: http('${1:request_name}').post('${2:url}') [...]
httpCreates a new HTTP configuration: http.baseUrl('${1:url}')

Gatling Cheat Sheet Printable

Press TAB to switch from editing each part of the snippet or to leave the edition mode.

Debug and Run¶

Gatling Cheat Sheet Pdf

To debug a Gatling script, click on the button in the top right corner of the application.

To execute a Gatling script, click on the button in the top right corner of the application.

Keyboard Mapping (Shortcuts)¶

In addition to the default shortcuts for all file editors, the Gatling Simulation editor adds the following ones:

Keyboard MappingAction
CTRL + SHIFT + XDebug the Gatling script
CTRL + SHIFT + DExecute the Gatling script

Gatling DSL¶

Gatling Cheat Sheet

Please refer to Gatling's Cheat Sheet.