Hive Dbeaver

Posted : admin On 1/3/2022

You can find installation instructions here

Hive Dbeaver

DBeaver与HIVE工欲善其事必先利其器安装DBeaver准备工作还没结束-改配置HIVEHadoop连接HIVE工欲善其事必先利其器你好! 这是你第一次使用 Markdown编辑器 所展示的欢迎页。如果你想学习如何使用Markdown编辑器, 可以仔细阅读这篇文章,了解一下Markdown的基本语法知识。. Wrote Hive QL via DBeaver, a JDBC client, to handle RDBMS via HDFS (Apache Hadoop/YARN) with MapReduce algorithm under the hood - renjmindy/Wikipedia-Big-Data-Analyses.

You can find the latest drivers on the Cloudera website

mkdir ~/.dbeaver-drivers/cloudera-hive/

  1. Navigate to Database > Driver Manager > New
  2. Add all the files from ~/.dbeaver-drivers/cloudera-hive/
  3. Driver name: Hive-Cloudera (for labeling only)
  4. Class name: com.cloudera.hive.jdbc41.HS2Driver (at the time of this writing)
  5. Default port: 10000
  6. URL template: jdbc:hive2://{host}:{port}/{database};AuthMech=1;KrbRealm=FOO.BAR;KrbHostFQDN={server}; KrbServiceName=hive;KrbAuthType=2
    • Note you need to change FOO.BAR to match your krb5.conf settings
  1. In the menu bar Navigate to Database > New Connection
  2. Select Hive-Cloudera
  3. Fill in the appropriate values for host & database (I set database to default)
  4. Set server to be your KrbHostFQDN
  5. Leave your user name & password blank
  6. Test connection
  7. Press next, next, & change the name of this connection as you see fit
  8. Press finish

Congrats you’ve successfully connected to hive using kerberos authentication!


If you are receiving [Cloudera][HiveJDBCDriver](500168) Error creating login context using ticket cache: Unable to obtain Principal Name for authentication make sure to check the following

Hive Dbeaver


Dbeaver Hive Keytab

  1. Ensure that you have the latest cryptography libraries installed
    • Java 9 includes these libraries by default
  2. That you’ve configured your /etc/krb5.conf successfully
    • If you’ve done this correctly you should be able to run kinit in terminal and create a ticket without issue
  3. For Windows adding the following lines to your dbeaver.ini may be necessary as well

      • note: this is the windows equivalent of /etc/krb5.conf

      • success has also been reported with the following jaas.conf file & keytab usage