Josue Romero Bartender

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The Garnish Guy. Josue Romero Bartender at Odd Birds Bar, where oddness rules!!! Today Josue is a bartender at Odd Birds Bar in St. Augustine, Florida where he creates cocktails that not only look incredible but tell stories. He starts with building rapport and very quickly understanding his customer, asking questions about them and their preferences.

The Moodie Davitt Report — in partnership with FILTR and QINRIVE — today proudly unveils the stellar line-up of influencers who will be participating in the KOL Ambassador Campaign for the upcoming Virtual Travel Retail Expo (12-16 October).

The KOL Ambassadors include top influencers from the world of perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits and fashion and lifestyle. The KOLs come from all over the globe, embracing key travel regions such as Asia Pacific (and in particular China), Australia, the Americas and Europe.

Josue Romero Bartender

Karen Lee has an audience hailing from all over Asia Pacific

Karen Lee

Karen Lee is a Chinese actress in Hong Kong currently working with the TVB Broadcasting company.

She is most well-known for her roles in television programmes ‘Line Walker – The Prelude’ and ‘White War.’ Lee has 330,000 followers — from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia — on Weibo.

Josue Romero Bartender

Her areas of interest include beauty, cosmetics, wines & spirits and fashion accessories.

Josue Romero ‘The Garnish Guy’

Josue Romero or ‘The Garnish Guy’ is a leading cocktail consultant, prestige bartender and drinks industry mentor. Romero has over 90,000 Instagram followers mainly from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Barcelona. He covers wines & spirits and men’s consumer technology.

Spirited explorer: Josue Romero creates content around the world of spirits


Josue Romero Bartender Passed Away

Paul Kristoff ‘The City Lane’

Josue romero bartender death

Paul Kristoff aka ‘The City Lane’ is a writer/photographer who encourages aspiring foodies to seek out the people and stories behind each place they travel to. Kristoff has 100,000 followers on his Instagram account with audiences mainly from Australia and New Zealand. He mainly covers wines and spirits, food and men’s accessories.

Melbourne based, world focused: Paul Kristoff invites audiences to see the world through his eyes


Yurina is a leading Singapore-based beauty KOL who also spent time living in China and Canada. With 2.95 million followers on Weibo, Yurina’s demographic embraces a core Chinese audience and also overseas Chinese travellers. Her areas of interest are beauty, cosmetics, fashion and food.

Commenting on her participation at the pioneering virtual event, top beauty KOL Yurina said: “As a frequent traveller who runs a studio in Shanghai, resides in Singapore, and spends holiday with family in Vancouver and Taiwan, I leverage these opportunities to satisfy my curiosity for new and cool beauty products during my trip.

“I love to share these experiences and my feelings through make-up and beauty looks. I really thank the travel retail channel for bringing lots of joy. It enriches my life experience and allows me to connect with the people and the world through the language of beauty. Life is beautiful!”

Yurina has a following of over 2.95 million on Weibo and is one of China’s top beauty KOLs

The Moodie Davitt Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie added, “It gives me great pleasure to reveal the faces behind our innovative KOL Ambassadors campaign and we look forward to welcoming them to the inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo this October.

Josue Romero Castillo Bartender

“FILTR and QINRIVE have secured a stellar mix of KOLs – including some of the brightest names and opinion leaders across the key travel retail categories and regions – and we invite all Expo exhibitors to engage with the programme as the industry readies itself for recovery.”

As Virtual Travel Retail Expo Stand & Experience partner, FILTR is encouraging exhibitors to supply suitable content for the participating KOLs. The influencers will take up residency at the KOL sphere — a dedicated room within the Experience hub.

For further information about the KOL Ambassadors campaign, please contact FILTR Communications Director James Brown ([email protected]).

The KOL Ambassadors Campaign is led by FILTR’s Communications Director James Brown (left) and Qinrive CEO Ziqin (Kelly) Gao (right)

Josue Romero Bartender Death

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