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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022
The LastPass extension for Google Chrome has been updated today to address significant changes that Chrome is rolling out.
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Lastpass Browser Extension

If you are looking for a method to solve this issue then watch this video and learn how you can use all of your google chrome passwords on the LastPass websi. Het invullen van webformulieren is ook erg lastig. Verder interfereert lastpass met de google opslag van passwords zodat je vaak eerst een password vanuit google krijgt dat dan wordt overschreven vanuit lastpass. Lastpass zou zich van invullen moeten onthouden als google het invult. LastPass is ranked 3rd while Chrome is ranked 17th. The most important reason people chose LastPass is: LastPass keeps an encrypted copy of all passwords.

Lastpass Google Chrome


Starting in early January, Chrome is shutting off all extension updates that occur outside of the Chrome web store, in an effort to tighten security.

Lastpass Google Chrome Download

Lastpass Google Chrome

The update is now posted on the Google Chrome store, and we are automatically transferring over our users – most LastPass users will not need to take any action since the changes are happening behind-the-scenes.

Lastpass Google Chrome

However, some LastPass users may see a prompt for permissions to be granted to LastPass the next time they launch Chrome:

If you see this prompt, please press “Allow”. If you see this prompt, a download will start automatically – we start this download because we detect that functionality was lost in the transfer, and the download allows us to add back this functionality.

Again, most users will not need to take any further action, and the prompts for permission are not a cause for concern.

Lastpass Google Chrome Android

Our updates will allow LastPass users to continue running the extension without issues when Chrome is updated in January 2014, and we will update our community if any other changes will affect LastPass.

Lastpass For Internet Explorer

The LastPass Team.