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DeeZee Facebook DeeZee Twitter DeeZee Google+ DeeZee YouTube Channel. Join our email list for the latest news, promotions, & discounts! Jul 05, 2020 We know that Logitech Media Server integrates Tidal (albeit clumsily), Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer and Pandora. We know that all streams are handled gaplessly, even when VPN streaming to a smartphone. Best of all, the Raspberry Pi will do all of this for €50 worth of hardware as the software comes for free — noting that donations are accepted. Logitech Media Server (LMS) is a cross-platform open source solution for high quality audio streaming. It supports locally stored music as well as internet radio streams and is extendable via plugins to e.g. Integrate streaming providers like Spotify, Deezer and many more. OPTION 2: DEDICATED MUSIC SERVER (Logitech Media Server; LMS). PCP with LMS will manage music database and streaming. Local music can be streamed from attached USB Hard disks or from your NAS. Online streaming services like Dezer, Tidal, Spotify etc are supported. LMS can stream to a number of pCP players as well as to original Logitech players. LMS provides access to the stored audio files and internet radio by default. For Deezer access, you'll also need install the icKStream LMS plugin component (you can use ickStream for other online services too, eg, TIDAL & Qobuz): ickStream Open Beta for Squeezebox.


The intention with the Open Beta for Squeezebox is to give all early adopters within the Squeezebox community a chance to access ickStream services and share feedback. The Open Beta for Squeezebox only contains a limited set of all features offered by the ickStream Music Platform, it is however fully functional and it gives you a preview of how streaming services are integrated via ickStream and can be made available to hardware players such as the Logitech Squeezebox.

The Open Beta for Squeezebox is provided as-is and we do not guarantee any specific functionality or suitability for a specific purpose. We do reserve the right to change or withdraw any functionality provided, even completely, at any time. We do not guarantee access to certain services or capabilities until the launch of the first production release.

The open beta for Squeezebox consists of the following parts

  • A plugin for LMS (Logitech Media Server) which provides
    • An 'ickStream' menu under the 'My Apps' menu on your Squeezebox which allows you to browse content in the integrated streaming services
    • Ability to search in the integrated streaming services
    • Ability to play content from the integrated streaming services
  • The following streaming services are integrated
    • Calm Radio (http://calmradio.com)
    • UberStations (http://uberstations.com)
    • Deezer (http://www.deezer.com)
    • Qobuz (http://www.qobuz.com)
    • rad.io (http://www.rad.io)
    • Radionomy (http://www.radionomy.com)
    • SoundCloud (http://www.soundcloud.com)
    • WiMP (http://www.wimpmusic.com)
    • TIDAL (http://tidalhifi.com)

ickStream provides access to promotions and voucher codes for music services periodically, for more information visit our wiki page about promotions.

The Open Beta for Squeezebox is only allowed for personal use with Squeezebox hardware devices, a Squeezebox-compatible smartphone player App or on general-purpose PCs or do-it-yourself devices. It does explicitly NOT grant you the right to use ickStream on any other commercial media player hardware. If you have a commercial device you'd like us to support please contact the manufacturer so they can contact us for a commercial license.


For more details see the Terms of Use agreement shown during the installation process.

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The installation process consists of the following main parts:

  1. Install the ickStream plugin in LMS (Logitech Media Server)
  2. Approve the terms of use for the Squeezebox player types in your setup
  3. Login/register an account on the ickStream Music Platform
  4. Add the services you want to use through ickStream to your account and enter the service account details

For more details of the installation see the installation instructions

To browse or search content in the services provided by ickStream Music Platform you will need to goto 'My Apps/ickStream' menu on your Squeezebox and the Squeezebox have to be connected to your LMS server. You will be able to play content from the integrated services in same way as you normally do on your Squeezebox player.

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