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Posted : admin On 1/2/2022

If you spend your days in front of a computer, you may have noticed that the right wireless mouse — and the right keyboard, for that matter — makes a big difference in your productivity level. And if you’re working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you could probably use something to make your day run a little smoother.

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Switch to the best wireless mouse for a cleaner, clutter-free, minimalist setup. It’s the perfect peripheral solution for you if you’re tired of spending time trying to untangle that messy ball of cables and wires behind your desk every few months.

Our picks for best wireless mice include innovative designs, ergonomic features, and multiple connectivity options. They also cover both productivity and gaming uses, so you should be able to find at least one that suits your needs. You’ll find our tips on what to look for in a wireless mouse below our recommendations.

What to Look for in a Wireless Mouse

  • PC vs. Mac compatibility – It’s easier to find mice that work with Windows and Mac operating systems than it is to find keyboards that do both. Still, it’s important to make sure the wireless mouse you choose is compatible with your system. If you’re using a Windows-oriented mouse with a Mac, consider remapping its buttons to make it easier to use.
  • Bluetooth vs. USB – There are advantages to both Bluetooth and USB mice. Bluetooth mice are truly portable. They connect to a receiver in your computer, so there’s no dongle required. On the other hand, Bluetooth mice can sometimes have more performance and connection issues than their USB counterparts.
  • Portability – If you want a mouse that you can take on the road, it’s important to consider whether you want a full-size mouse or a smaller one. However, portable mice usually aren’t ergonomic — they may cause more strain than the full-size versions that are designed to fit your hand.

How we tested

We tested each mouse for about a day’s work on a Windows and Mac laptop to evaluate its comfort, button placement, and software.

I also used them on a variety of common mousing surfaces, including a desk, a hard mouse pad, a soft mouse pad, a wood floor, a large piece of fabric, glass, and mirrors. We used all three grips—palm, fingertip, and claw—with every mouse we tested to evaluate comfort.

In 2015, 2017, and 2019, we asked panel testers to use our wireless mice contenders and share which they liked and disliked after spending a few hours with each mouse.

Each panel member measured their mousing hand from the base of the palm to the base of the middle finger, from the base of the middle finger to the tip, and from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinkie with the panelist’s hand spread wide.

Though our panelists had a wide range of hand sizes, their average measurements align with the average hand measurements we found in other studies: 4 inches (palm), 3.3 inches (finger), and 7.7 inches (spread).

10 Best Wireless Mouse 2020:

NameHardware InterfaceWeight
Logitech MX Master 2SBluetooth0.63 lb
Logitech MX Anywhere 2Bluetooth3.68 ounces
Evoluent VerticalMouse CBluetooth5 ounces
Logitech M570USB 2.05.01 ounces
Logitech G903USB 2.03.84 ounces
Apple Magic Mouse 2Bluetooth8 ounces
Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500Radio Frequency3.2 ounces
Logitech G Pro HeroUSB2.8 ounces
Logitech G602Bluetooth5.9 ounces
Logitech Marathon M705USB6.4 ounces

1. Logitech MX Master 2S

The Logitech MX Master, one of the most expensive mice on the market, is only comparable to the professional wireless gaming mouse from Razer and Mad Catz.

Like most previous MX products, the MX Master is a palm-shaped mouse with a lot of thumb support that lets you drag your palms without feeling exhausted.

You can use it as a wireless mouse or connect the data cable with usb.

With Unifying Receiver Technology, 2.4GHz receivers can be paired with up to six different Logitech devices, which is handy – when you have other wireless peripherals from the company.

Its endurance is really good. You only need to charge the MX Master once a month for no more than two hours. The LED on the side of the mouse shows its charging status.

  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Two wheels
  • Numerous connection options
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Smaller thumb button
  • Not suitable for left-handed users

2. Logitech MX Anywhere 2

Logitech’s MX Anywhere is an entry-level product in this category. Since its launch in 2009, it has earned the highest honors in the eyes of many users, and the next two generations have brought even better improvements.

MX Anywhere 2 may be considered a smaller version of the MX Master because both products are released at the same time and use the same design style: a black matte panel with copper trim.

It is small in size and uses a flat profile similar to a gaming mouse. Small enough to fit easily into any backpack. In addition, it is easy to use on the legs or on narrow aircraft trays.

On the sensor side, MX Anywhere 2 features a proprietary Darkfield laser sensor with a sensitivity range of 400 to 1600 dots per inch(DPI), which is standard for games that are not suitable for gaming and is suitable for almost any surface.

G Pro Wireless Mouse Software

This mouse has a wide range of connectivity options and can be used with wired USB, wireless USB, or Bluetooth. It can be used for about two months with a single charge.

  • Light and compact
  • Elegant design look
  • Precise sensor
  • Excellent multi-function wheel
  • Rich connection options

3. Evoluent VerticalMouse C

As the name implies, the VerticalMouse lifts the hand from the table top and positions it vertically, which is similar to the grip of a pistol.

VerticalMouse is available in a variety of sizes and shapes for both left and right hands, as well as wired and wireless options.

The mouse is huge and looks like a dorsal fin of a shark. It gradually becomes thicker and thinner toward the main button, and the base is equipped with a base to support your palm.

In terms of appearance, the outer casing material is made of plastic, the thumb area uses a smooth surface, the other part is a rough matte, and the finger side is equipped with another LED logo, which only lights up when the mouse is powered.

However, its sensitivity is not high. Although Evoluent did not disclose the detailed data of the laser sensor, we feel that the value is up to 3000, and it cannot be adjusted by software.

The VerticalMouse C is a well-designed ergonomic device with great comfort and sensitivity.

  • Unique design look
  • Excellent ergonomic comfort
  • Larger buttons are easy to operate
  • Simple and practical wireless connection
  • Mouse wheel has no click function
  • Almost impossible to use in games

4. Logitech M570

The M570 has a dark grey matte finish that contrasts with the distinctive blue marble trackball.

It is very comfortable to hold, and there is a rubber roller between the two buttons, which is more suitable than our M705 smooth roller.

The biggest advantage of this mouse is that it is easy to use, you can use it directly without installing software. But for those who want to fine-tune the mouse settings to enhance the navigation or gaming experience, it is necessary to install the accompanying utility software.

You can connect up to 6 compatible wireless devices via a USB adapter, and the Unifying program will guide you through a series of simple steps to synchronize other Logitech keyboards or mice.

The M570 responds well to everyday tasks and game scenarios, with up to 18 months of battery life and versatility for any surface to prove it is a reliable competitor.

  • Very nice feature set
  • Natural and comfortable design
  • Plug and play experience
  • Stable performance
  • Not suitable for small hand users
  • The wheel is harder

5. Logitech G903

Logitech is well-known in the computer game market, and their G-series products have become a major part of e-sports, designed for players who need the best precision and performance.

With 90 programmable buttons, the G903 is more flexible and can take care of left-handed players thanks to its second pair of movable side buttons.

It has an LED G-mark on the top that supports 16.8 million colors and can be customized with Logitech’s desktop software. There are also three sets of LED strips for displaying the current DPI settings, ranging from 200 to 12000.

Of course, most of the accuracy of the mouse comes from the PMW3366 optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 12000 DPI.

Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless charging technology is far ahead, and the latest and greatest wireless gaming mouse brings some performance improvements. However, you need to purchase an extra expensive charging mouse pad.

  • Robust manufacturing quality
  • Accurate and reliable wireless performance
  • Unique wireless charging technology

6. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Our favorite is its white polycarbonate look and is light weight.

The bottom optical sensor responds quickly to motion, and the multi-touch command is very sensitive, including sliding left and right between browser pages, sliding up and down between full-screen applications, and launching Mission Control by double-clicking on two fingers.

Fast charging is one of its features. It can last for 9 hours after charging for 2 minutes. If you connect Magic Mouse 2 to power for one night, you can use it for a whole month.

Magic Mouse 2 has the same ergonomic design as the previous Apple mouse. Although it can easily track your movements, it may take a while to get used to it because its height is 1/3~1/2 of that of many standard mice.

Overall, this mouse is a revolutionary update with a unique design that would be a great fit if you have an Apple computer.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Multi-touch surface
  • Suitable for left and right hand use
  • Automatically pair with Mac via Bluetooth
  • Cannot be used while charging
  • Low design can’t fill your palm curve

Logitech Wireless G Pro Software

7. Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500

The Mobile Mouse 3500 uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology to achieve reliable surface tracking using a combination of optical and laser precision.

Its surface has a matte finish with a good grip texture and does not attract smudging.

Between the left and right buttons and the click button is a rubber roller that can only be scrolled vertically without any tilting function. Whether you are a unique left-hander or a popular right-handed user, the perfect symmetrical design will get you started quickly.

The 3500 can run for up to eight months before replacing the battery. The battery status indicator lets you know how low the battery is. When not in use, you can turn it off to save power.

This mouse is not only compatible with the Windows operating system, but also for Mac OS X and some Android mobile devices.

  • Affordable
  • Small and cute design
  • Very good tracking ability
  • Excellent battery life
  • Only the standard three buttons, there are not many extra features

8. Logitech G Pro Hero

The previous generation of Logitech G PRO is a classic of symmetrical mouse. This generation of G PRO continues this point is still a symmetrical design, which has a very good balance for some left-handed users.

Logitech G PRO mouse is 125 mm long and is still a medium to large mouse. The overall size is not much different from the Logitech G903 and can be controlled by most male users.

Its outer surface is matte finish, and the hand feels very delicate and has a skin-like feel, but the friction is not as strong.

As a wireless mouse, the Logitech G PRO can also work under a wired connection. A Micro USB interface cable is included in the package and reinforced. The fixed slots on both sides prevent the wire from falling off due to mouse movement.

When it comes to battery life, compared to the G903’s 32-hour battery life, the Logitech G PRO lasts for 48 hours in RGB mode and up to 60 hours when RGB is turned off, which has nearly doubled.

  • Long battery life
  • Both left and right hands can be used
  • Stylish

9. Logitech G602

The biggest advantage of the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse is its 250 hours of game life, which is 10 to 20 times that of other wireless mice, allowing players to feel free to indulge in the game.

Similar to other mice, the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse screw is hidden under the mouse pad. The plastic groove under the foot pad is designed to prevent air bubbles from appearing at the bottom of the pad.

As a mid-range wireless gaming mouse, the G602’s top cover work is amazing, and the entire cover structure is complicated. Most of the parts are screwed together, with a small number of snaps.

Its exquisite workmanship and complex structure not only provide users with comfortable use and reliable quality assurance, but also showcase the exquisite workmanship and perfect design of Logitech.

  • Expensive
Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Software Download

10. Logitech Marathon Wireless Mouse M705

The Logitech M705 wireless mouse uses the MicroGear wheel. With the upper button on the metal wheel, we can switch between the wheel status: the extreme speed roller (no stage feel) and the normal roller (with stage feel).

Its main color is the dark gray used by Logitech. The whole mouse is ergonomically designed to fit the hand shape. The mirror border on the left also adds a touch of fashion to the M705.

G Pro Wireless Mouse Download

The sensor position is special, located in the front right part, and the mouse in the middle position of the general sensor will be slightly different, which may take some time to adapt.

What surprised us the most is its battery life, which can be used for 1091 days, no need to worry about battery life.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Software Download Windows 10

  • Long battery life
  • MicroGear wheel
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • More buttons
  • The two keys on the thumb are slightly worse
  • Sensor position is not conducive to operation

How Do I Choose the Right Wireless Mouse for Gaming?

Gaming mice amplify every element of the basic mouse concept to the extreme: more buttons, higher tracking resolutions, curvier curves.

Some gaming mice are general gaming models, while others are designed for specific game genres. In the latter case, depending upon the style of the game that the mouse is intended for (first-person shooter, real-time strategy game, MMO title), you may see a variety of specialized features.

What most gaming mice have in common, though, is a combination of high-performance parts—laser sensors, feather-light click buttons, gold-plated USB connectors—and customization features, such as programmable macro commands and on-the-fly resolution switching.

Gaming mice also stand apart in that the better ones tend to feature vendor-supplied software for setting up these custom features and shortcuts, defined sometimes on a per-game basis via profiles. The software’s quality and functionality can vary wildly from vendor to vendor; that’s where our reviews come in. Certain utilities are easier to pick up than others.

For maximum comfort, some gaming mice let you customize the body of the mouse itself. Removable weights are common, letting you tweak the total heft of the mouse one way or the other. Some models take this even further, letting you shift the center of balance, or adjust the height and pitch of the palm rest. For non-gamers, these features are overkill; for dedicated gamers, they provide a competitive edge.

Shopping Tips: Find the Best Wireless Mouse

  • Shape and comfort: A mouse’s shape and design play a large role in how effective it is as a tool. You want a wireless mouse that feels like a natural extension of your arm, not a clunky or cheap-feeling hunk of plastic that hinders your gaming or productivity.
  • Bluetooth or dongle? Some of the best wireless mice offer the option to connect via Bluetooth, which won’t eat up a USB port, or via a USB Type-A 2.4 GHz dongle. Other wireless mice, however, will make you choose.
  • USB charging or batteries? USB charging will often cost more but also means you’ll never have to buy batteries. If the mouse charges over USB-C, it’ll rejuice quicker than alternatives and use an increasingly common cable.