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Esports entertainment giant Super League Gaming is bringing fun and sun to Minehut, the company’s proprietary community for Minecraft players

  1. 11,515 likes 10 talking about this. Free Minecraft servers hosted on powerful machines with DDoS protection. For support http://forums.minehut.com.
  2. R/minehut: The community-run subreddit for Minehut. Minehut is a free-to-use server host for Minecraft.
  3. R/minehut: The community-run subreddit for Minehut. Minehut is a free-to-use server host for Minecraft.

While kids are spending more time indoors this spring, they can still socialize and play in a virtual world in Minehut’s special Spring Break event. Minehut is a digital place where Minecraft fans can connect in a kid-safe environment.

The Spring Break will feature three different adventures, two of which were created through a partnership with Moose Toys. The Treasure X: Ninja Gold Maze is inspired by Moose Toys’ Treasure X: Ninja Gold toys and looks like a sandcastle maze full of twists, turns, and surprises, including a hidden Golden Room. Inspired by Moose Toys’ Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, the Goo Jit Zu Battle 4 is a multi-player battle in which players search for artifacts through mountains and caverns while battling enemies to obtain a “hero” rank. The third event is the Color Collector scavenger hunt, in which players must find the stolen colors from the Minehut lobby to potentially win some gamer gear from Logitech.

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Minehut also held a Halloween Spooktacular and a Winter Wonderland event last year. The Spring Break event runs until April 12.

Started as a good project then was taken over by the corporate conglomerateSuper League Gaming. Sold for only a mere $100,000, the host quickly became very unstable, and was nothing more than a revenue vacuum for SLG. To this day it is very laggy and generally has bad performance. The plans are disgusting. Everything about it is just terrible.
by LuukeChatton February 05, 2021

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1) The only free in-game server host on Minecraft to play with friends while exchanging memes and making clicker or survival servers for people to play on.
2) Also known by some as 'Memehut,' the place to get the 'dankest' of the memes.
3) Owned by 3 experienced developers, ZeroParticle, Lucas, and ZeroParticle.
Let's play some servers on Minehut.
Can you join my Minehut server?
You can only get the dankest memes from memehut.
by BennyDoesStuff January 10, 2018
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