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Original author(s)MuTools
Initial releaseDecember 2007; 13 years ago
Stable release
Operating systemOS X, Windows
TypeDigital audio workstation

MuLab is a digital audio workstation application for macOS (OS X) and Windows platforms.

MuLab is a powerful tool designed to transform your computer into a fully capable music production studio. The program allows you to work with various music tracks and instrument samples in order. MuLab is an inspiring music production studio for Windows and MacOS also featuring an integrated top-quality modular synth and effect engine.

  1. MuTools MuLab free. download full Version Portable 2014 Create, record, edit and play multi-track audio & music. Flexible tracks and sub-tracks support audio, MIDI and automation parts.
  2. Re: Mutools Mulab, Mux Modular Post by pentd ยป Mon May 11, 2020 9:29 pm haha oh no, no connections here! That videoclip reminded me of the mythical smrtlctrnx posse, thats all. I'm surely not the only one who experimented, and still does, with those brilliant tools. And using mux to chain them up is just xlent.
  3. MuLab Inspiring Music Production Studio MuLab is an inspiring music studio for Mac OSX and Windows featuring an integrated top-quality modular synth and effect engine. MuLab is an easy and rock-solid tool designed to create, record, edit and finalize your music!

It is developed and maintained by a small company (MuTools, Belgium) led by Jo Langie, a pioneer in sequencer technology since early Atari microcomputers.

While the main MuLab target is electronic music, it can be also used for other musical genres.It may be also of interest for educational purposes to people learning digital audio processing.

Mutools Mulab


MuLab has most of the features of a standard full DAW: audio/MIDI recording, MIDI sequencing, mixing, automation, control surface interaction, multi-core, stock synths, samplers and effects, multi-projects and templates, etc.

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MuLab has an internal architecture built around a modular system (Mux) enabling customized instruments and effects by drawing graphs of modules.

MuLab is also an open environment supporting existing VST plugins.

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  • MuTools, official website.

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