Nullsoft Shoutcast Server

Posted : admin On 1/2/2022
Nullsoft Shoutcast Server
  1. Winamp Shoutcast Plugin 2.3.5
  2. Nullsoft Shoutcast Server Download
NullSoft Video Software
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NullSoft Video Software Part Two

SHOUTcast DNAS is a server which allows you to run your own online radio station and share your music with listeners. From a time when Nullsoft was still around and producing the excellent Winamp media player, they also developed the popular SHOUTcast protocols which have survived to this day. Shoutcast FRONTEND GUI for the new Nullsoft SHOUTcast scserv /SHOUTcast DNAS v2 /Radionomy win32/win64 Server.Nullsoft SHOUTcast GUI is designed as the interface for Nullsoft SHOUTcast Server (latest Radionomy based) and is helpful for broadcasting radio stations.It comes with support for a rich set of configuration settings that give you the possibility to set up an online or a local network radio.

NSV tools
The software tools you need to start broadcasting NSV / Winamp TV.
Updated repack of Nullsoft NSVtools software.
Submitted by
Download :
Updated VP3 video codec.
Encoder DLL for the updated VP3 video codec.
Submitted by slavas
This software has been stored in zip file format. You must extract it to use it.
Download :

Shoutcast DNAS Server


AOL Ultravox server

Icecast Server

NSV Shoutcast source
For the Linux operating system.
Can stream live or pre-recorded video.

Submitted by KXRM
NSV Shoutcast source
For the Linux operating system.

Winamp Shoutcast Plugin 2.3.5

Steamcast server
Stream server for both NSV and Theora ( OGM ) media format.
Server can list stations on multiple YP Directories. ( IceCast - SteamCast - ShoutCast )
Server has been ported to multiple operating systems. ( Windows - Linux - FreeBSD )

Nullsoft Shoutcast Server Download

SHOUTcast free download. Get the latest version now. SHOUTcast is one of the most popular and easy to use audio stream tools. SHOUTcast is a free popular software for streaming media over the internet. Developed by Nullsoft in 2017, it allows digital audio to be broadcasted over the internet thus powering lots. Download SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp - Convert the Winamp powerful media player into an advanced streaming app that can let other users connected to the Internet listen to your music.