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Guitar Pro is back with its best version yet. Faster, stronger and modernised, Guitar Pro 7 offers you many new features. Whether you are a longtime Guitar Pro user or a new user you will find all the necessary information in this user guide to make the best out of Guitar Pro 7. 2/ Getting started. Guitar Pro pricing starts at $69.95 per user, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version. Guitar Pro offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below. ONE OK ROCK all, Official, Chords, Tabs, Pro, Bass Tabs, Drum Tabs, Video, Ukulele Chords tabs including remake, the beginning, no scared, wherever you are, koi no aibou kokoro no cupido. Get the best One Guitar Pro tab by Metallica @ 911Tabs.Com - tabs search engine. Last updated on. Guitar Pro is a powerful score player really helpful to learn how to play, improve your technique, reproduce your favorite songs or accompany yourself. Write Play Mix Guitar Pro allows you to compose and read music scores using the musical notation of your favorite instrument.

One Guitar Pro

Welcome to use our tuner for free online. The app is fully chromatic and therefore the guitar tuner online does also support a variaty of stringed musical instruments. Click on any of the links below to read more about how to use the app for each specific instument. Also, it does work both for electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet the guitar tuner app is best to use because the online tuner does not have smartphone support. If you are using a smartphone, download the our app Pro Guitar Tuner.

If you are using an acoustic guitar or any acoustic instrument the tuner will by default use the built-in microphone. However, if you want to tune an electric guitar or any plugged in instrument you have to adjust the input source.

The online guitar tuner is fully chromatic but if you need a reference of a specific tuning and tune by ear read: Setup Instrument and Tuning.

Guitar types and tunings

The online version of the ProGuitar Tuner includes a massive library of different guitar types and alternative tunings. Note that the tuner works for both electric and acoustic guitar. Read the last section of this page to see all tuning options available. The list of alternate tunings for guitar would be too long if we list all here. Therefore, the available guitar types only are listed below. Follow the link to see the tunings available for the specific guitar.

Setup Instrument and Tuning

Access tuning settings

Click on the area shown by the blue arrow and a window will open on top of the guitar tuner, see the image below.

Select instrument and tuning

Choose your preferred instrument. You scroll in the list by a click and drag motion.

GuitarOne Guitar Pro

After selecting an instrument, all the available tunings for that specific instrument will appear to the right. Choose the desired tuning by clicking on the area of a specific tuning. You should now hear a sequence played for each string and the fretboard will be updated with your desired tuning.

Tune by ear using audio samples

At any time you can click the strings on the fretboard to listen to a reference tone. One common way of is to tune the guitar to itself. If you are a beginner it can be a good practise to use a combination of a reference tone and a guitar tuner. One thing to notice is that the online guitar tuner does not show the actual octave. For that you need to download the smartphone app, which at the moment is of much higher quality than the online app.

Little One Guitar Pro

Use the Guitar Tuner with the desktop's built-in microphone

If you any other browser than Google Chrome you need to have Flash installed and allow microphone access. See further instructions directly below the tuner by clicking the button 'Show Instructions'.

Little one guitar pro

If you have any suggestions or think any other alternative tunings should be added, please send us a note through the guitar forum.

The tuner is fully chromatic but if you need a reference of a specific tuning when tuning by ear or if you want to tune any other instrument follow the steps in how to setup the guitar tuner for other instruments


One tabs @ 911Tabs

On this page you will find the Guitar Pro tab for the song One by Metallica, which has been downloaded 70,100 times. Please note that you need to have the Guitar Pro software before you can start using these.

The tablature provided is our visitor's interpretation of this song but remain a property of their respective authors, artists and labels. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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