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Posted : admin On 12/13/2021

Opera has announced a new version of Opera GX that adds several new features including new colour themes, GX Cleaner to purge junk files, and Easy Files which makes it easier to attach or upload recently downloaded files or those recently added to your clipboard. Along with the update, Opera also revealed that it gamer-oriented browser now boasts 5 million active monthly users.

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Today we are introducing new features that allow you to completely change the look of your Opera GX, while always keeping it fast and lightweight.


Opera gx cleaner free

GX Cleaner: a smart way to get rid of excess browser files Opera GX by Opera NASDAQ: OPRA goes way beyond the capabilities of traditional browsers: it lets you tune the performance of your system with its CPU, RAM and Network Limiters to give you that extra boost when gaming. This time, we re pushing it further with GX Cleaner to purge old. GX Cleaner helps clean up the junk browser files you don't use anymore (think cache, cookies, browsing history or downloaded files). It's designed to improve browser performance while still allowing users to choose which files it deletes.

Opera Gx Cleaner Reviews

With this update, Opera GX comes with a selection of themes through a feature called Secondary Colors. Some of the preset themes include Rose Quartz, Ultraviolet, Hackerman, Frutti Di Mare, and more.

Opera gx cleaner free

Opera Gx Cleaners

If you don’t like the presets you can also create your own colour scheme with loads of variations accessible through a colour wheel. The icons on the Opera sidebar will also adjust themselves to match the theme you choose.

GX Cleaner

Opera gx cleaner reviews

One of the selling points of Opera GX, when it was launched, was that you’d be able to tune the performance of the browser so more resources could be used for gaming. Building on this, Opera GX adds GX Cleaner which lets you purge old and unnecessary files, freeing up computing resources.

With GX Cleaner you can delete cache, cookies, browsing history, and downloaded files but you can filter these out by date or specific browser location. These controls allow you to delete items that you want to specifically delete while preserving the rest.

Opera Gx Cleaner

Easy Files

Opera Gx Cleaner Download

Finally, Opera GX introduces Easy Files which was first introduced in the main Opera browser. With Easy Files, you can quickly attach or upload recently downloaded items or files that you have added to your clipboard.


Opera said that snaps you create with Opera’s Snapshot tool are also compatible with Easy Files making them really easy to share. Easy Files will also present you with three files that you’ve recently interacted with, it anticipates that among these is the file you want to share so saves you the time you’d have spent digging around looking for the file.

Opera GX is only available for Windows machines and is still considered early access so there could be bugs or missing features that you otherwise rely on. If you want to download it anyway head over to the Opera GX website.

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