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With this printable protractor PDF, you’ll avoid expending a few extra bucks to get one. It can also help you in a hurry. If you forgot your protractor, use this paper printable protractor that you can get on the way. You can even use this drawing rool from your phone in any PDF viewer, making things much more convenient. What could I use a printable PDF protractor for? You can usually find. This allows you to look through the protractor while you use it. Click the image to open the full-sized image. Alternatively, the PDF files provide protractors with clearer text and sharper lines. The first is the typical 180° protractor with a six-inch ruler along the bottom. Download the PDF of this protractor. Supervised Learning Cheat Sheet In Supervised Learning, model learns from the training examples given with labels and predict the label for the test data. There are two types of Supervised Learning Technique. Nov 9, 2019 - Using a protractor to measure angles printable. Page 1 reviews the important parts of a protractor and how to use a protractor to measure angles. Page 2 provides the students with 8 practice problems for using the protractor to measure angles.

Protractor Cheat SheetMany from the protractor test suite
categorydetailed tasksyntax example
load pageload a pagebrowser.get('yoururl')
browser btn actionsbrowser back/forwardbrowser.navigate().back() OR browser.navigate().forward()
access elements on page
See Protractor API list and examples
from Protractors test suite
access by angular ngmodel name
(must match ngmodel in the html)
this is the preferred approach
access by the css id on the page e.g, #user_name
(but this can be brittle)
access angular binding to get generated value
i.e. for {{}}
access angular repeat list data
(must match repeat stmt in the html)
See Protractor test suit link for lots more
element.all(by.repeater('person in home.results'));
element.all(by.repeater('person in home.results')).count()
element.all(by.repeater('person in home.results')).row(0)
note: repeater must match that on the page
by text areaelement(by.textarea('person.extraDetails'));
by inputelement(by.input('username'));
get text from an inputelement(by.input('username')).getText()
But note: 'There is a webdriver quirk . <input> and <textarea> elements
always have empty getText values. Instead, try
element.getAttribute('value') .'
access using jquery $ selector ($ is an alias for .by.css)
you can use any css selector (but this can be brittle)
$('.class1 .class2');
data entry
(entering data, hitting keys etc)
enter data into input
hit enter
hit tab
protractor supports other keys too
clickclick a control such as button, radioelement('create')).click();
clear a field
is enabledis the button enabledelement('create')). isEnabled();

All keys are in /webdriver/key.js including BACK_SPACE, TAB, CLEAR, RETURN, ENTER, SHIFT, SPACE, ESCAPE, arrow up/down/left/right, function keys, numpad etc.
element.all() returns an object as follows: { count : Function, get : Function, first : Function, last : Function, then : Function, each : Function, map : Function }
You made me promises, promises...
  • when you call a method on a protractor element you get back a promise e.g. obj.getText()
  • protractor expect wraps and handles that promise for you e.g. expect(obj.getText()).toBe('bob')
  • if you need to get the result of the promise you could do something like: obj.getText().then(function(text) { var bobIndex = text.indexOf('bob'); })

Protractor Cheat Sheet Pdf

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  2. Math>
  3. Geometry>
  4. Angles>
  5. Reading a Protractor

A protractor is a semicircular disk generally calibrated in degrees and used to measure or construct angles. Explore our assortment of protractor worksheets to become adept at reading this instrument. Encompassing a plethora of practice materials such as an illustratory chart that talks kids through the steps involved in reading a protractor, explicatory printable templates that come in handy during assessments, and elucidatory exercises like reading the inner and outer scales of the protractor and matching angles with measures, this set leaves grade 4 and grade 5 students fully prepared to use the tool with ease. You can download some of our pdfs for free!

Get instant access to this bunch of printable protractor templates, and forget about store-bought protractors. Print the templates of your choice, and snip the protractors in a jiffy!

(4 Templates)

This bunch of 4th grade pdf worksheets offers 20+ angles in increments of 5 degrees. The angles occur with the protractors already in place. All you need to do is read the protractor and determine their measures.

With protractors superimposed over the acute, right, and obtuse angles, this printable practice set elevates students' skills in reading the tool and prepares them to measure angles instantly and accurately.

Protractor Cheat Sheet Excel

The angles featured in these practice exercises help 5th grade children understand the significance of the two scales on a protractor. One of the arms of each angle traces either the left or right zero of the protractor.

Use the inner or outer scales of the protractor, and precisely measure the angles depicted here. Read the inner scale if the angle opens to the right, and read the outer scale if it opens to the left.

These pdf exercises allow kids to read the protractors and match the angles to their measures. Make sure they read the appropriate scale on the protractor and measure each angle.

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