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  • Whether changing weather patterns, shifting moods, or mutable physical afflictions- it is easy to see that we and everything in our world are quite fluid.” Why do people want to shapeshift? The answer depends on who you are talking to.
  • To change thoroughly, as into a different shape or form. See Synonyms at convert.

Transfiguration is a state you can achieve through shapeshifting which allows you to perform transmutation. The belief that you can do these things at all, comes out of what you believe about the nature of reality. Everything is made of energy.

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ShapeWhat is shape-shifting
  • noun

Synonyms for transmogrification

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another


Words related to transmogrification

the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one)

Shape Shifting Meaning Dream

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