Sharing Files On Webex

Posted : admin On 12/22/2021
Sharing Files On Webex

Sharing Files On Webex

Webex also offers an option to share a file that is not open already. You select the file from a file explorer style window. Unfortunately this also appears to be a legacy module because if you select a modern PowerPoint file it gives you a warning that animation and other dynamic content will not work if you use this share file. How to Share Files in WebEx is a 5-minute tutorial that covers the three most common ways to bring content into your WebEx session in online meetings, online. Learn how you can share your screen or an application while in a Webex Meetings video conference. This short video shows you how to share different content t. Drag and drop a file: Go to Messaging, then select the files you want to share and drag and drop them to any space in the spaces list, or if. When you are in a space you can also click Content Files, select the files you want to share and drag and drop them to. To Share a PowerPoint Presentation in a WebEx Meeting Within a meeting, select the Share button from the meeting controls. Select Share File. Browse your computer and open the PowerPoint file.

Sharing Files On Webex Conference

Go to Messaging , choose a space, click Content, and then select .

  • Select List view to view files in a list, or Grid view to view files as thumbnails.

When you hover over a file you can do the following:

  • Show in Messages.

  • Download, and then click Show in folder .

  • Update file share—If the file is shared from Microsoft Onedrive or Sharepoint Online.

You can also click on a file in a space to see the file in a preview window, then click left or right to quickly navigate between other files shared in the space.