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The Taskade app has been available for a few years, however, it just started gaining traction this year when people are working from home. This is an all-in-one collaboration tool that help people work together remotely and get tasks done. Let’s check out all of their features to find out if this is the right tool for you.

Taskade is the remote workspace for getting things done. We are building a real-time organization and collaboration for distributed teams. Manage tasks, write notes, and video chat, in one simple platform. Taskade is reimagining the future of work, remote collaboration, and team productivity. Taskade is a unified workspace where remote teams get work done. Create collaborative task lists, outlines, and mind maps, with integrated chat and video conferencing. Whether you're ticking off daily goals, managing projects, or planning an event — getting organized with Taskade is simple, friendly, and fun. Taskade is the simplest way to map out your workflows, from ideas to action. Create checklists, mindmaps, kanban boards, and more, all with integrated video chat on the same page. Whether you're ticking off daily goals, managing a group project, or planning a holiday with friends — getting organized with Taskade is simple, friendly, and fun. Taskade is a real-time organization and collaboration tool for remote and distributed teams. Manage tasks, write notes, and video chat with your team, in one unified workspace. The simplest way to.

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The Taskade app has a simple interface and it is ready to use without a steep learning curve. In fact, I can use it smoothly after playing around with the interface for less than 20 minutes. There is a guide to teach you how to use the app, so you should spend a few minutes reading it thoroughly.


On the start screen, you can see all projects created by you or shared by your colleagues. On the left side, we have a navigation sidebar with your Workspaces, calendar, tasks, and a Search bar. Once you click on a project, you will see all the tasks and attachments.

Project Formats

Taskade is not simply a task list app and it differs itself from other apps by building a tree structured database. That means you can transform a simple list to other workflows. There are 5 formats to choose from, which are List, Board, Action, Mindmap, and Org Chart; You can switch among them in a single click.


You don’t have to start a project from scratch. There are numerous templates available to help you get started quicker. They are divided into different categories like Mindmap, Journaling, Production, Trip Planning, Roadmap, Remote Work, Team Management, etc. Therefore, you absolutely can pick a suitable template for your project.



There are a lot of things you can do with the tasks. You can organize, create subtasks, headers, lists, highlight text, add icons, add due date, delegate a task to members, add comments, or attach file. Everything is so intuitive so that you can create a professional-looking list.



Taskade Login

On the project screen, you can find a chatbox on the right side; Here you can make audio/video calls, chat with other people working on this project, and share files. You can minimize the chatbox to avoid distraction, especially when you are working alone.

Taskade App

Moreover, you can keep track of all activities, see changes being made in real time, and see team progress across all projects and workspaces.

Taskade Apk

Platforms & Pricing

Taskade apk

A very important feature of a collaboration tool is cross-platform compatibility. Fortunately, that is not a problem with Taskade since it covers almost all popular platforms. You can use it on web browsers like Chrome or Firefox, install app on your Android or iOS device, or install the desktop app on Windows, macOS, and Linux. More importantly, all those versions offer almost the same functionalities, so can choose to work on any platform convenient for you. The only requirement is a stable Internet connection.

Taskade Vs Notion

A few years ago, the free version of Taskade has many limitations but now it is offering nearly the same set of features as Unlimited plan. The only limitation is that the free version is for personal use and there is a 5MB file size limit. Otherwise, you still can create unlimited projects and tasks, have unlimited file storage, and invite as many collaborators as you want. This free plan is good enough for individual and growing teams. In case you need larger file size and priority support, the price for Unlimited plan is $5/user per month if you pay for the whole year.

Taskade Review

Project management is a huge challenge, especially with remote work. I love this app because of its elegant and minimal interface and team management tools. The powerful tool like Taskade absolutely will help your team achieve the goals faster with minimum efforts and resources.

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