Vim Editor Cheat Sheet

Posted : admin On 1/2/2022

R – replace a single character J – join line below to the current line cc – change (replace) entire line cw – change (replace) to the end of the word c$ – change (replace) to the end of the line s – delete character and substitute text S – delete line and substitute text (same as cc) xp – transpose two letters (delete and paste) u – undo Ctrl + r – redo. – repeat last command.

Powerful, efficient, and highly configurable—that’s Vim in a nutshell for you. This cross-platform command line text editor has been around for ages and has a solid online community you can look to for help. The best part is that Vim is free and open source.


If you have only dabbled in Vim until now, the next step is getting comfortable with Vim commands i.e. Vim’s keyboard shortcuts. (This is essential given that Vim is a keyboard-centric text editor.)

We’ve even compiled the best Vim shortcuts into a cheat sheet for you! Scroll down to discover it. You can also download a PDF version of this Vim cheat sheet and save it to your desktop for quick access.


Keep in mind that Vim (Vi Improved) is a modified clone of the Unix-based text editor Vi, which ships with several Linux distros. So you’ll find that several Vim commands also function as Vi commands.


Linux Vi Cheat Sheet

The Vim Commands Cheat Sheet

Vim Improved

Vim is no doubt a great text editor, but it could do with a few of the useful features that most modern text editors are equipped with. The good news is that you can add top features from other text editors to Vim!


Using the Vim text editor but wishing it was as functional as other text editors? Here’s how to install new features in Vim.

Printable Vim Cheat Sheet Pdf

Vim Editor Cheat Sheet