Webex In Real Life

Posted : admin On 1/2/2022
Webex In Real Life

This scenario albeit interesting fictional reading I do not believe will not be the way we do business in 2030 or beyond for that matter. One reason is that most folks today using their webex or Teams teleconferencing technology during on line meeting have the option of showing themselves during the meeting via camera or just by voice with no camera. Want a high performing comedy ad for your business? Join our Quad Diamond Club and get exclusive content, unreleased videos, private. The Webex Board is in fact much more than a digital whiteboard. It also provides the same video conferencing and wireless presentation screen sharing services that are supported on our other rich media collaboration devices like the Webex DX 80 and Webex Room series.

We are happy to invite you to a sequence of webex seminars to experience the “Real World BPM in an SAP Environment”

The sessions will cover real life BPM Use cases, including Industry specific processes, addressing main areas of interest around:

  • How to identify process scenarios where BPM can add value
  • What are the expected ROI paybacks from BPM projects
  • Which methodology and frameworks to used when implementing a BPM project
  • What is new with SAP NetWeaver BPM technology
  • Which are the required skills and how to get started

In this context we will also explore how the updated ASAP Methodology for implementation uses BPM and SOA as a foundation to implement a Solution based on SAP Best Practice, Own Practices and Best Insight.

Webex meeting in real life

Finally, we will share a perspective on SAP´s Technoogy Strategy and Innovation with Timeless Software, SAP NewWeaver BPM, Gravitity, Social BPM etc.

The sessions will reflect key aspects of the new SAP BPM Book – “Coming soon the next SAP BPM book “Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment”“. Furthermore, you will get to meet subject matter experts, customer peers and contributing authors of this new BPM Book. The sessions will take place on a bi-weekly basis and in order to ensure this valuable content is leveraged, they will be recorded and made available at BPM page on BPX

Please find below the registration page for the first 5 webex sessions:

Webex Meeting In Real Life

April 22nd, 2010: How to get started with the new ASAP Methodology, the toolkit for BPM-based SAP implementations

April 29th, 2010: The connection between BPM and Business Model Innovation


May 6th, 2010: Business Rules Management and Decisions in BPM

May 20th, 2010: The new Driving License for working in “Real World BPM in an SAP Environment”

May 27nd, 2010: Jump-start your BPM journey with SAP´s new kit for Business Process Management

To view already executed sessions please to below link:

At theBPM use case wiki You can already now explorer Industry and Cross Industry specific BPM Use Cases – Presented by SAP Customers, SAP Partners and Business Process Experts:

  • Cross-Industry: Master data governance
  • Cross-Industry: Sales order changes , Time sheets for external employees , pricing agreements and on-boarding of new hires
  • Utilities: Outage incidents and Invoice exceptions
  • Public Sector: Issue reports submitted by citizens
  • Consumer Products: Reviewing decisions and tracking approvals of new product launches
  • Insurance: Claims management and supplier integration
  • Retail: Product lifecycle collaboration, Managing purchases for promotions
  • High Tech: Distributed order management, Demand collaboration
  • Banking: Loan disbursement

Here are some important links to browse if you are interested in BPM today:

  • BPM on SDN

Welcome to the exciting and interesting real world BPM in an SAP Environment.

Webex In Real Life Youtube

We encourage you to participate in this sequence of BPM webex sessions to share your experiences with BPM in all its aspects so that we can collaboratively learn from each other and if you have some interesting BPM Use Cases we encourage you to present them in this forum.

If you want to discover past or upcomming sessions please go to BPM use case wiki

Lazaros Lazaridis, Ruks Omar, Greg Chase, Helmut Grimm and Ann Rosenberg