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Posted : admin On 1/2/2022

Webex App, formerly Webex Teams, is a meeting, messaging, and videoconferencing service for one-on-one or team collaboration with file and screen sharing. Webex features include: Persistent chat and collaboration rooms. Screen sharing and whiteboarding. On-demand video or audio meetings. Download Cisco Webex Teams APK 3.0.5000 for Android. A secure, all-in-one team collaboration app. Install Cisco Webex Meetings or Cisco Webex Teams on any device of your choice. Get step-by-step instructions for scheduling your own Webex meetings, real-time group messaging, and more. Make meeting online easy. Download Webex Download for Windows (64 bit) Also available here Download on the GET ON Google Play App Store Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app Download the free Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app to meet anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. Play Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app The Webex Meetings desktop app allows you to start.

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Webex Teams can facilitate breakout rooms, but they are not automatic/controlled by the instructor. This article will describe how you can leverage Webex Teams to simulate breakout rooms. If you are already using Webex Teams in your course, using it to creating 'Breakout Rooms' for synchronous sessions can be effective.
Looking for integrated breakouts in your synchronous session? We suggest using Webex Meetings, which now has breakouts.

Why use Webex Teams in your course? Webex Teams is an all-in-one solution for communication and collaboration. Webex Teams leverages video calling technology for synchronous video meetings and combines this with messaging, file sharing, white boarding and more to provide continuous teamwork by facilitating the persistent sharing of information. The user-friendly, mobile-friendly environment appeals to students and offers the ability to communicate synchronously and asynchronously. In this way, the activities your students work on within their groups can persist beyond their synchronous session.

We understand that using Webex Teams for synchronous breakout sessions requires you and your students to actively join, leave, and rejoin meetings, which is not ideal. However, these steps provides some tips and tricks on how to manage your sessions.

This guide will go over the following areas:

Here is some information on how to get started with Webex Teams:

  • Download the Cisco Webex App and sign in using your UW-Whitewater email.
  • Get started with the Cisco Webex Teams App.
  • Consider joining a space with Learning Technology staff. Ask questions, try new things, test out Webex Teams, and more by joining the 'Teaching with Teams Sandbox' space. This is NOT a space for your students. It is designed to be a space for UWW faculty, instructors and Staff to practice using Webex Teams as they consider using it for teaching and learning. (Not sure what a sandbox is? Check out definition #2.)

If you are not already using Webex Teams with your class, we suggest some low-stakes introductory activities using Webex Teams for communication before using it for breakouts. This will give you and your students familiarity with the platform, comfort in using it, and an understanding of how it works. In addition, be clear about how you will be using Webex Teams for class, group work, and breakouts. We suggest creating a Module in your Canvas Course that includes information. Here are some ideas for pages within a Webex Teams Module:


As an example, here is some content you may wish to include on the “How do I get started with Webex Teams” page:

  1. Download the Webex Teams App for your computer or laptop. You may find that putting the app on your phone is a good idea, if so, you’ll find the Webex Teams App at the App Store and Play Store. If you don’t want to download the app, you may access Webex via a web browser.
    1. When we do video calls for breakouts, it is HIGHLY recommended you use the app from either your computer or a mobile device. Video calls are possible from the browser version, but often experience technical difficulties.
  2. Sign in using your UWW e-mail. Do not create an account with Cisco.
  3. Start communicating! Send a hello message to our all-class space called General with (INSERT Name of Class) under it (replace with an image of your actual Team Space).
  4. Get to know more about Webex Teams with these helpful, short tutorial videos.
  1. If you haven’t already, Create a Team. The creation of your class Team will start a General space.
  2. Create the Breakout Spaces within the Team.
  3. Decide what access you wish your students to have to the Breakout sessions/assignments:
    1. Option 1: Allow students to choose their own breakout session. If you choose this option, you will add all your students to the TEAM. This will give them the ability to add themselves to any of the Spaces (Breakouts) that you create. They will also be able to move from Space to Space if you reassign or change the Breakout composition over the course of the semester.
      1. Follow instructions on how to Add Someone to a Team.
      2. Your students will then JOIN the appropriate Breakout group/session themselves, following directions on How to Join a Team Space.
    2. Option 2: Control how participants are placed into Breakouts. If you choose this option DO NOT add any team members to the Team as you will add students into the specific Space (Breakout). When using this option, you will also create a Space for the whole class and add all students to that Space. This is where you will schedule the Main (all student) class meeting.
      1. Follow instructions on how to Add People to a Space and add your students to the Main, full group Space as well as their designated Breakout Space.
  4. Schedule the sessions: Main, full-class session
    1. Option 1 (Student choice)
      1. Schedule your Main, full-class session in the General Space, in which all students are members. Follow directions on how to Schedule a Meeting with Everyone in a Space. Schedule the session for the entire expected class time, including the time the breakout sessions will take.
    2. Option 2 (Instructor Control)
      1. Schedule your Main, full-class session in the Space designated for all students. Follow directions on how to Schedule a Meeting with Everyone in a Space. Schedule the session for the entire expected class time, including the time the breakout sessions will take.
  5. Chose if you will schedule your Breakouts at a specific time, or if you will have your students start an Instant meeting from their breakout spaces. If you wish to schedule them, follow the scheduling procedure in each Breakout Space.,
  6. Communicate the breakout session procedure to your students using the Main Session messaging area. Include timing, breakout session directions/expectations, and any other information they may want to refer.
    1. For Instant call Breakouts: Appoint breakout session leaders who will initiate instant calls if you do not schedule the breakout sessions ahead of time.
  1. Start the Main, full-class session at the scheduled time (or a little before!) by clicking on the appointment you created.
  2. Your students will join the main session this way, as well.
  3. When it is time for the Breakout sessions, your students will leave the main session
  4. They will then move to their appointed Breakout Session Space by clicking on the name of that Space in their Spaces list.
    1. If you have pre-scheduled meetings, they will join with the above procedure.
    2. If they will be starting an instant meeting, you should designate ONE student from each group to initiate the breakout. That student will hit Meet in the Space. For more instructions on how to call with other devices, see these instructions.
    3. The other students will join that meeting/call by answering (clicking on) the prompt on their devices. They can also join the meeting/call by looking for the scheduled or active session in their Spaces list. (see screen shot below)
  5. The instructor may close the main session and pop in and out of Breakout Sessions/Spaces to check on the groups, listen, or let them know it is time to return to the main session. Do this by clicking on the green button beside the space name with the time counter running. After entering a breakout, leave by clicking on the red X in the meeting controls at the bottom of the window.
  6. Return to the Main Session and End Breakouts
    1. If you closed the Main Session, restart it when it is time for the students to rejoin (end breakout session).
    2. If you did not end the Main Session, students can rejoin it by clicking on the green button in the Space list that corresponds to the Main Session meeting.
      NOTE: Send a message to a space if that group has not ended their breakout to alert them to rejoin the Main Session.

The Webex Meetings desktop app package includes two parts: the in-meeting app, which allows you to host or participate in meetings, and the pre-meeting app, which resides on your desktop.

You can use the pre-meeting desktop app to join meetings, whether or not you have a Webex account. If you sign in with a host account, you can start meetings instantly, schedule meetings, join your scheduled meetings, add integrations to join meetings from other apps, and detect nearby video devices. If you sign in with an attendee account, you can see and join your upcoming meetings and detect nearby video devices.

If you don't have an account or haven't signed in, you can still use the Webex Meetings desktop app as a guest to see your upcoming meetings, easily join your meetings, and connect to a video device.

Download and Install the Webex Meetings Desktop App

The Webex Meetings desktop app automatically downloads after starting or joining a Webex meeting from a Webex site or email invitation. Click the installation file to install it. Refer to the New Webex Sign-In Users and the New Webex Guest Users sections in the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Installation Matrix.

Webex Download For Windows 10

If you want to install the app without joining a meeting first, you can also download it manually. Go here to get the download file, then follow steps 3—5 below to install the file.

Jhaweb webex

Customers who are locked down to a specific meeting application version should get the download file directly from their Webex site. Follow the steps below.

If you have a previous version of the Webex Meetings desktop app, you have to uninstall that version before installing the new version.

Webex Teams App Download


Sign in to your Webex site.


Select Downloads > Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App > Download.


Run the .msi (Windows) or .dmg (Mac) installation file and follow the instructions. The Webex Meetings desktop app opens when the installation is complete.


Enter your email address and select Sign In.


Select or enter your Webex site URL, and then enter your password.