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Posted : admin On 1/2/2022
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Multichannel FLAC in Winamp 2.95

  1. Winamp 2.95 Free. Winamp is the most popular audio player available on the web. 4.3 (6,249 votes) 5.8.366 Nullsoft Inc. Review Comments (79) Questions & Answers.
  2. This program is version 2.95 of Nullsoft's media player and was released over 17 years ago. It gives you the classic interface that made Winamp a success when it was launched and can play all of your MP3 files with ease. Even though Winamp Classic also supports video playback, it may not be able to handle the latest video formats or HD video.
  3. Winamp 2.95 was one of the most popular releases. While the world is all about Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and other streaming services nowadays, there was a time when everybody just.

Winamp 2.95 Skins

2.95 was the last 2.x version. It's fine but has an update thing letting you know there's a new version when you start. Once you load it, though, it's fine. Posted by delmoi at 1:14 PM on July 15, 2009.

Winamp Old Version

Winamp old version

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I encountered a problem recently, and I did some investigations about it, both locally (on my own PC) and on this forum.
The problem is that Winamp 2.95 abruptly crashes (without any error message) every time when I try to play a multichannel FLAC file (a file which has more than two sound channels).
My system:
Windows 2000 Pro SP4+
Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 sound card (supports up to 5.1 channels, up to 96 KHz and up to 24 bits). True 24/96 in/out processing path.
5.1 surround speakers
All sound options (number of speakers etc.) properly set in drivers etc.
Winamp 2.95 with FLAC input plugin v1.2.1 (the latest one).
These are my conclusions:
- Winamp 2.95 CAN play multichannel sound, because it plays multichannel AC3 and MLP files (I installed AC3 and MLP input plugins). It also of course plays multichannel WAV files trough its standard PCM input plugin (I decoded my multichannel FLAC files to WAV and played those WAV files successfully in Winamp). When playing multichannel files, Winamp properly maps each channel to its appropriate speaker. In other words, Winamp's multichannel playback is completely proper.
- Winamp CAN play 24 bit and/or 96 KHz sound, because I have some 96 KHz 24 bit stereo FLAC files, and they play fine.
- It does not matter if I use the WaveOut or DirectSound output plugin. The behavior regarding 24b, 96K and multichannel support in Winamp does not change.
Therefore, the cause of the crash is in the FLAC input plugin. It crashes ONLY on multichannel FLAC content (it does not matter if it is 48 KHz or 96 KHz, or 16 bit or 24 bit). It has no problems with 24 bit or 96 KHz mono and stereo content.
Further info:
I found a three year old topic on this forum:
The issue which the participants of that topic had is the same as mine, and Josh Coalson replied back then that the cause of the crash is that the then-current FLAC input plugin can only handle mono and stereo FLAC files.
Since three years have passed since then, my question is - has this issue with the FLAC input plugin for Winamp been solved? It is obvious from my tests that Winamp CAN play multichannel sound, so it definitely is possible to make the FLAC plugin to support multichannel sound.
Please, do not advise me to upgrade to Winamp 5.x (if that solves the issue). I would have done that a long time ago if I wanted to (I have had around six years to do that, haven't I?). Therefore, I had already taken Winamp 5 into consideration several times and rejected it swiftly. The reason is the same why I am using Windows 2000 and not XP.
Thank you for your reading time!

Winamp 2.95 Full