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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022
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  1. Archive plugins for the great Winamp media player, download Winamp plugins for free on
  2. Once the most popular media player, Winamp disappeared from view for years, only to reemerge thanks to a leaked copy of an updated version that was distributed online. The new-look of Winamp 5.8 In this rebirth, Winamp is attempting to become a single app solution for all your media needs. It can play all types of audio and video files.
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How to Broadcast to your Shoutcast Server using Winamp?
Disclaimer: We only offer this article as help to you. We do not offer tech support for WinAmp.
There are known issues of WinAmp not being able to connect or use voice when using Windows 10 and SHOUTcast v1.
If you have Windows 10 use a plan that offers SHOUTcast v2 or Liquidsoap

Step 1.)

Download the latest version of Winamp first (For Windows) and Download SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In For Winamp (For Windows).
Once you have installed the DSP, start Winamp, open the preferences(CTRL+P) and click on the DSP/Effects subcategory under the Plug-ins tree. Please refer to the picture below:

If you see 'Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v2.3.2' in the right panel, then you have correctly installed the SHOUTcast Broadcast DSP Plug-in.

SHOUTcast Source DSP

Step 2.)

Select the 'Output' tab at the top of your DSP window. Select 'Output 1' under the selection box, and fill in all of the following fields properly.
Here, you need to enter the server IP address: Make sure that you put in the proper server IP, or else you will not be able to connect.
In this field, you need to enter the 'DJ encoding' port that was given to you in your welcome email. It should contain 4 numbers. Once again, this must be set properly or else you will be unable to connect. Please note: This is NOT your streaming port that listeners use to hear your stream, this port connects the DJ to the stream. This information is obtained from the DJ manager (WHMSonic) or Configuration DJ (Centova).
Last, you need to enter the encoder (source) password that was created in your DJ manager. Enter this here, and make sure there are no mistakes. If using SHOUTcast v1, the username and password can be entered in the password box together separated by a colon (:). (Common mistakes include using the copy and paste method. There is sometimes a space added during the process that will cause an invalid password error)

Step 3.)

Directory setup (streaming server display details)
Click on the 'Directory' tab right above where you entered all of the previous information.

If you'd like your server to be listed in the SHOUTcast directory, check the 'Make this server public' box, and fill in all of the information below the box in a proper manner.

Be sure to check the 'Enable Title Updates' and the two boxes that say 'Auto' in
order to show your users the title of the song that is playing.

Step 4.)

  • Encoder Settings (select streaming audio format).
  • Select the 'Encoder' tab at the top of your DSP window.
  • Make sure under the selection box, you have selected 'Encoder 1'.
  • The Encoder Type can be set to either MP3 or AAC+, our servers support both. However, If you are broadcasting in virtual games like Utherverse (RLC) and/or Second-Life, this must always be MP3.
  • MP3 audio sounds good and is compatible with just about every media player on the market. AAC+ is only compatible with Winamp and Windows Media Player (with a plugin) but sounds much better at lower qualities. Be sure to choose wisely.
  • In the Encoder Settings drop down, select the bitrate that you ordered from us (192kbps etc.), and be sure that the line you selected has 'Stereo' at the end, so individual sounds will come out of both of your listener's speakers.
  • Note: If you try streaming at a bitrate higher than what you have ordered you will not be able to stream and your account could be suspended or terminated. See Terms of Use.

Step 5.)

Input settings (select the input audio source)
Select the 'Input' tab at the top of your DSP window. Unless you have specific soundcard input settings, or want to talk on your stream, select 'Winamp' at the Input Device. As every soundcard is different and individual, we cannot give any tutorials for the Soundcard Input except to say that to use your mic and the ability to speak over the stream when live, you must select 'soundcard.'

Step 6.)

Go back to the 'Output' tab in your DSP window. Make sure 'Output 1' is selected, and then click the connect button. In the status box above the button, it should give a time and then 'Sent xxxx bytes'.

Congratulations, you have begun to stream audio!
You may now open any Winamp-compatible audio file in your player, and it will stream to our servers.

Step 7.)

Using your microphone to talk/speak while broadcasting live.

  1. Open Prefrences (CRT+P) It is always best to leave this window open during live broadcast.
  2. Select the Input Tab
  3. Change Input Device to Soundcard Input
  4. Push 'Talk' or 'Lock' to talk

There are known issues of WinAmp not being able to connect or use voice when using Windows 10 and SHOUTcast v1. If you have Windows 10 use a plan that offers SHOUTcast v2 or Liquidsoap-Step 1.) Download the latest version of Winamp first (For Windows) and Download SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In For Winamp (For Windows). Step 1 - Install Winamp. Download and install Winamp (if you don’t already have it installed). Winamp is a free download. Link - Click to download Winamp. Step 2 - Install the Shoutcast DSP Plugin. Download the Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp and install it. This is a free plugin for Winamp that lets you stream out to the Internet.

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Winamp Online Services

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