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Posted : admin On 1/1/2022
Visualizations with CD and line-in in Winamp

Winamp Visualizations Downloads

Step 1: Start Input

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Winamp Visualizations
A) For CDs start playing the CD.
B) For line in select Open Location (Ctrl-L) and type in 'linein://' and hit Open (no quotes).
Step 2: Check to See If Visualization Is Enabled
  1. Preferences (Shortcut: Ctrl-P)
  2. 'Plug-ins' Tab
  3. 'Input' Sub-Tab
  4. Select 'Nullsoft CD/Linein plug-in...'
  5. Hit Configure
  6. Make sure 'Sample input from soundcard (for vis)' is checked
  7. Hit OK
  8. Hit Close

Step 3: Setting Recording Control
1) In the lower right corner of your screen double click on the little speaker icon. This should bring up the Volume Control Applet. Or you can go to Start > Run > 'sndvol32' (without quotes) > hit OK.
2) Select Properties from the Options Menu:
Winamp visualizations android 3) In that box select 'Adjust Volume for' 'Recording' and make sure all boxes are checked in 'Show the following volume controls:' then hit OK.
4) Now you will be in Recording Control. There you will see several different volume sliders each one with a checkbox labeled 'select' under it. For the CD Player select 'CD Player' and for line-in select 'Line-in'. Now you aren't limited to those two, you can select any device you want to see Visualizations from. If yours has 'Stereo Mixer' you can even visualization for anything that travels out your speakers, including media played from other applications like Napster or Windows Media Player.
Step 4: TweakingVisualizations
For improving the reactivity of the beat/sound detection it is recommended that you install the low latency output plug-in from Jaspers here
This is because winamp gets input THEN outputs (of which there is a large (for live set standards) buffer) THEN uses the visual plug-in.
This will improve the beat detection and reduced the latency a bit.

Winamp Visualizations Plugins Download

If you are using AVS you will need to use the standard beat detection not the advanced version. (Edit added October 2002 - Rovastar)
[Version: 2.1]
[Last Updated: 10/08/02]
[Winamp Version: 2.81]