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Posted : admin On 1/2/2022
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☝️ To export components, due to a technical limitation, make sure the Adobe XD file is saved locally on your device, and not on Adobe Cloud.
You now can export your Adobe XD components directly into Zeplin and they will be listed under the Components tab of your styleguide.

Exporting components is very similar to exporting artboards from Adobe XD. Initially, you need to select the components you want to export:

1. Select one or multiple components that are located in the pasteboard area, outside of an artboard. If your components are not in the pasteboard area, you can select them from the Assets panel of the file and drag them out to the pasteboard area:

Zeplin is a connected space for product teams where they can handoff designs and styleguides with accurate specs, assets, code snippets automatically. Export your file in one click using our Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop plugins, generating development resources automatically. Zeplin to HTML conversion service offered by XhtmlChop with the exceptional quality and features include semantic coding, easy customization and responsive codes. Zeplin provides capabilities much needed by developers including clarity on “finalized” designs, an accessible design workspace friendly to non-designers, added structure to design screens and of course tailored technical specs built by developers for developers.

2. Save the file manually. (Make sure that it's saved locally on your device, and not on Adobe Cloud. This is due to a technical limitation we're currently working on with the Adobe XD team.)

3. Select “File > Export > Zeplin” from the menu, or use the shortcut “Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + E”.

Once the export process ends, they will be listed under the Components tab of the styleguide.

☝️ If you see the No artboard or component selected error message, saving your Adobe XD file and re-exporting it should do the trick.

Xd Components To Zeplin

Generating assets from components

If you'd like these components to be available as assets, you will need to mark them for export. You can learn how to mark layers for export here: Exporting assets from Adobe XD


Download Zeplin Windows

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