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Posted : admin On 1/3/2022

Welcome to JINGLE JAM 2020 The biggest charity gaming event organised by one group! It is a super special charity event as not only can you donate to charity but when you donate £25 you get a bundle of video games worth over $500!!! It features Prison architect and Rise of industry as well as many other games that I know and love. To donate you can go to: https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/

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So what are we doing today well we are taking part in a lovely competetive game of Open TTD or open transport tycoon deluxe! A transport tycoon video game where you have to exploit your friends in order to overtake them on the profit graphs! We will be exploiting the game to destroy all other competition and become the richest ceo on the planet with our planes, trains, boats and useless road vehicles! We will be playing on a super special UK map that we can manipulate and destroy! Like removing wales!!!! I will be playing with the yogscast so anything could happen!


128k members in the Yogscast community. Public Relations Sector. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. TFW you're Australian and had been awake since 1am and by the end of OpenTTD at 10am you can't remember if you'd slept at any point before 1am and decide to actually. Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 1can't afford to watch the jingle jam streams? Just want to keep up with what's happening during december but don't have that much free. Yogscast website Yogscast OpenTTD Part 1 Yogscast OpenTTD Part 2 Some interesting stats (at least for a geek like me) of the last 24h: - 55GB of traffic (normal is 10GB) - 4M pageviews (normal is 0.6M) - 60k unique visitors (normal is 10k) Those are some pretty impressive numbers;) They are a collection of Yogscast, our just released. The 2020 Christmas Livestreams, nicknamed The Jingle Jam 2020, were the tenth annual charity livestreams. On November 17, 2020, the livestreams were officially confirmed to be returning.1 Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulties of finding stream hosts at the end of the month, this years charity drive only lasted the first 14 days in December, unlike previous years which lasted.

Yogscast Openttd Mods


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Title: Exploiting the BIGGEST Charity Gaming Event – Jingle Jam 2020 Is Perfectly Balanced Day 1 – Open TTD

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Yogscast Openttd

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